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How Do Psychics Connect Long Distance?

Ever wondered how a psychic connects with you over a long distance? Or maybe you have thought about how it is even possible for psychics to do remote readings via a phone call or video chat? Well, contrary to popular belief psychic reading or channeling is not like a ‘tin can telephone’ children used to play with in the good old days. Psychics do not connect with you directly via a phone line or electrical wires, or computer hardware for that matter.

Psychic reading or channeling is not like a ‘tin can phone’ kids use to talk to each other remotely through the length of a piece of string tied between two empty cans. True psychic perception is not such a simplistic, linear ‘connection’ between, for example, this world and the spirit realm, or between two minds or souls. It is also not like an old-fashioned internet dial-up connection, with a copper wire phone line connecting a home computer to a server in the next city.

Instead, psychic resonance is more like ‘connecting to wi-fi,’ or ‘tuning in to radio waves.’ Radio waves are everywhere and ever-present, but we only hear the music for a particular station once we tune in to its unique bandwidth or frequency.

The 'energy data' or metaphysical information that psychics and mediums 'read' is nonlocal, omnipresent, omniscient, and universal. It exists all around us, as it is ‘embedded’ in the expanded field, plane, or matrix of universal consciousness. It is beyond our everyday reality, ‘encoded’ on various bandwidths with its own vibrational frequencies, yet it is immediately and directly available to be consciously perceived by anyone at any time.

Psychologist Paul Stevens explains, “there is a great deal of information naturally being broadcast from every living system, and from a great many non-living systems, which would be available to a receptive system sensitive to it. Just as we tend to be unaware that every television program, every radio broadcast, information about weather systems, transport systems and a myriad other human-related activities is being continually broadcast away from our planet into space, we also ignore the fact that every aspect of our ongoing cell activity has been broadcast to the world around us in a variety of different ways. The information is there - we have only to find ways of using it."[1]

Psychics and mediums therefore do not connect to an external ‘big computer in the sky.’ Instead, everyone’s mind-soul already exists within the big computer’s ‘mainframe,’ or better yet, we are all an extension or expression of it. Everyone and everything in the universe is connected, in the here and now, as well as in the past and the future, and universally.

The omniscient ‘music’ that psychics and mediums ‘tune in to’ has always existed, and always will. And the play list keeps on expanding every second of every day, as humanity and the natural world add more new experiences, creations, and intentions to the universal akashic record.

The ‘music’ we tune in to is therefore not restricted by what Einstein calls the ‘optical illusion’ of human consciousness. In the expanded mental (mind-soul) state of psychic awareness, psychics resonate with unconscious energy frequencies or ‘hidden bandwidths’ which allows us to vividly hear ‘more of the music’ that is otherwise mostly playing only in the background. This cosmic music also includes various ‘vintage tracks,’ that have not been played in an exceedingly long time, as well as some of the ‘future hits’ that are yet to be produced and recorded.

It is however important to note, not even the most gifted psychics and mediums can ever perceive all of the ‘music,’ nor can we ‘listen to the radio’ all of the time. In fact, we would not be able to lead any kind of normal life if we did. Philosopher William James famously says, “mystical states cannot be sustained for long. Except in rare instances, half an hour, or at most an hour or two, seems to be the limit beyond which they fade into the light of common day.”

Psychics and mediums therefore only perceive a few notes of the ‘universal music’ at a time, by temporarily expanding our mind-soul awareness, or raising our vibration in order to ‘tune in’ or resonate with certain energy data or psi. This is mostly achieved purposely, but it also manifests spontaneously as random mental events of ‘tuning in and out’ — something many of us experience from an early age, but learn to control more effectively with further development.

It is also important to note that the notion of psychics and mediums ‘tuning in’ to the ‘music or radio waves’ of the universe is not an ideal analogy. While it serves to illustrate the concept of psychic resonance, it may also evoke the flawed notion once again that psychic perception is some sort of ‘sender-transmission-receiver’ process. True psychic perception is not a transmission of external signals or inputs through time and space, but rather an expanded mental awareness of nonlocal energy data.


To imagine the universal field of consciousness from which psychics and mediums channel or transduce unconscious energy data into conscious awareness, consider the idea that everything consists of energy. We know this from quantum physics. On the subatomic level there is no physical matter, there is only energy.[2]

The entire universe is essentially a ‘matrix of energy’ that underpins or constitutes everything. This universal energy field or metaphysical platform of all existence is known by many names in various scientific paradigms, esoteric belief systems, and spiritual traditions, including Aether, A-field, Akashic Record, Astral Plane, Beyond The Veil, Book Of Life, Chokmâh, Collective Unconscious, Conscious Universe, Dark Matter, Divine, Fifth Element, Gaia Mind, God, Great Spirit, Heaven, Life Force, Matrix, Nirvana, Nonphysical, Other Side, Paradise, Promised Land, Psychic Reservoir, Soniferous Ether, Source Energy, Spirit Realm, Superconscious, Superstring Field, The Eternal, Unified Field, Universal Intelligence, Universal Mind, and Universe.

Author Gregg Braden explains explains this universal field as not something that is ‘out there,’ but rather it is the very stuff that holds us together. “The universe can be viewed as a massive computer with our consciousness as the operating system and our emotions or feelings as the software.”[3] Author Kevin Todeschi refers to it as the “universe's super-computer system, or perhaps what today would be called cloud computing.”[4] Parapsychologist Samah Zahran describes it as the ‘unified, global information universe that potentially explains psi phenomena in a measurable way.’[5]


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin believes “there is neither spirit nor matter in the world; the stuff of the universe is spirit-matter. No other substance but this could produce the human molecule.”[6] Many psychics and mediums refer to this ‘spirit-matter’ as the akasha, or the akashic record.

The akasha is traditionally believed to be a metaphysical or etheric collection of all knowledge, insight, experience, and wisdom recorded throughout the ages. It is like an omniscient ‘mainframe’ of psi, or the universal energy data ‘library’ where every thought, word, deed, feeling, idea, intention, invention, imagining, and life experience is recorded and archived for posterity.

A similar concept in Judaism and Christianity is the Book of Life, also known as the Book of Remembrance. Luke 10:20 states "rejoice that your names are written in heaven,” and Malachi 3:16 states, “a scroll of remembrance was written to record the names of those who feared him and always thought about the honor of his name.”

The Quran verse 27:75 states there is nothing that is hidden in the heaven or the earth, but it is recorded in a ‘clear record’ (or a ‘manifest book,’ or ‘the preserved tablet’). According to Islamic philosopher, Abul A'la Maududi the record referred to here is not the Quran itself, but instead the Divine Record in which everything is recorded.[7]

The term ‘akasha’ was adopted by Western occultism and spiritualism in the late 19th century from traditional Indian cosmology. It is originally a Sanskrit word derived from the root kāś meaning ‘to be.’ According to Hindu mysticism the akasha is the first of five elementary principles of nature, out of which the other elements of earth (prithivi), water (apas), fire (tejas), and air (vayu) are created.[8] In some languages the word akash is still used in reference to concepts like ‘sky,’ ‘open space,’ and ‘atmosphere.’

Vedanta philosophy, one of the oldest spiritual doctrines, defines the akasha as the ‘ethereal fluid pervading the cosmos,’ or the ‘primordial matter’ from which all else in the universe is created. At the beginning of time, akasha is motionless and unmanifested, until prana (the primordial life force) acts upon it to create all things in the universe. Akasha is therefore the infinite and omnipresent material of the universe, while prana is the infinite, omnipresent manifesting power of the universe.[9]

The akasha is therefore the very fabric of all conscious and unconscious existence. It is the eternal reservoir of all physical and nonphysical experience and karmic wisdom, collected since the beginning of time, including everything that is currently being ‘recorded;’ as well as that which is already intended for the future. Psychic channeling or reading is therefore the conversion or transduction into conscious awareness some of these akashic ‘records’ or ‘files.’

New Thought author Ernest Holmes writes “when we remember that subjective mind is universal, we will come to the conclusion that the history of [humanity] is written in the mental atmosphere of the globe on which we live.”

Everything that has ever happened on this planet has left its imprint on the walls of time; and could we walk down the corridors and read the writings; we should be reading the human history. This should seem simple when we realize that the vibrations of the human voice can be preserved in the receptive phonographic disc, and reproduced at will. If we were to impress one of these discs with the vibration of some one's voice and lay it away for a million years, it would still reproduce those vibrations. It is not hard then to understand how the walls of time may be hung with the pictures of human events, and how one who sees these pictures may read the history of humanity.[10]

When a psychic or medium channels or reads, we are essentially seeing what Holmes describes as the ‘pictures on the walls of time,’ or listening to the ‘phonographic discs’ of recorded human events. We are browsing ‘soul files’ in the akashic archives.

When asked what the source of his information was for psychic readings, Edgar Cayce said it comes from two sources, namely the subconscious mind of the person he was reading for, as well as from the akashic record. In reading number 1650-1 Cayce describes it as “God's book of remembrance” in which is recorded both the “good and bad activities of every single day of each entity, each soul in the material world.”[11]

Author Jess Stearn adds, “Cayce seemed gifted with a universal mind, which seemingly drew on a subconscious register of everything that had ever happened, or was going to happen.”[12]


Psychic channeling or reading is therefore the conscious perception of nonlocal ‘energy data’ or akashic information in the form of mental (mind-soul) impressions. It is mostly done for the benefit of a person or group, or other living beings and the natural environment, as well as for society or humanity at large.

Psychic channeling is essentially the reading of information on the ‘cosmic internet.’ It is the ‘scanning’ or ‘browsing’ of energy data or metaphysical information encoded in the akashic internet. However, in our physical state, humans cannot consciously perceive this nonphysical information in its original ‘coded’ or unconscious form. Instead, our mind must transduce, convert, or ‘channel’ this unconscious data into conscious awareness, for us to perceive it as various psychic perceptions, which depending on the psychic perception preferences of the psychic or medium may include any of the following:

Claircognizance: cognitive, knowing, precognition, prescience

Clairempathy: affective, emotional, feeling, presentiment

Clairsomatica: somatosensory, sensation, foresensing

Clairvoyance: visual, seeing, foreseeing

Clairaudience: auditory, hearing, forehearing

Clairolfaction: olfactory, smelling, foresmelling

Clairgustance: gustatory, tasting, foretasting

Clairintuition: premonition, presage, foreboding


Psychics essentially perceive energy data of currently living persons, while mediums channel the energy data of deceased persons, spirit entities, or discarnate beings, as well as etheric, universal 'wisdom data' from the akasha. A predictive psychic, for example, perceives a living person’s future probabilities and potentials, while a past life reader or a psychic energy healer perceives the previous incarnations, past life experiences, and ancestral legacy associated with a particular person or soul identity.

An evidential medium or mental medium channels the energy data of those who have departed this life and have transitioned to another plane of existence, also known as the afterlife, heaven, spirit realm, or ‘other side.' This is mostly done for the purpose of providing afterlife validations, soul family records, inspirational and healing information, as well as life guidance for the benefit of living persons (relatives and friends) associated with that spirit entity or personality's most recent physical incarnation. Furthermore, a trance medium or trance channel channels the omniscient energy data or universal sagacity (akashic wisdom data) of a particular discarnate spirit personality or nonphysical entity, or group of energies, such as deities, ascended masters, avatars, angels, spirit guides, and so on. This typically serves the purpose of broader spiritual guidance, metaphysical insight, and universal wisdom for the greater good of humanity.

© 2022 Anthon St. Maarten


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