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Clairgustance – The Gift Of Psychic Taste

Clairgustance or ‘clear taste’ is probably the most unusual of all the psychic phenomena. It is a form of extra-sensory perception (ESP) that allows the gifted person to taste a substance associated with someone or something from the past, present or future.

Psychics and mediums with the psychic ability of 'clear taste' basically experience a variety of taste sensations, without actually placing anything on their tongue, or into their mouth.

Clairgustance therefore enables us to receive messages from the spiritual realm by ‘tasting’ the essence of various substances in the form of ‘non-physical flavors’ or taste sensations. The effect is ultimately similar to our normal sense of taste, but the items we are tasting are not physically present. What could the purpose of such an odd psychic sense possibly be? Well, believe it or not, it does come in handy! Psychics who work in law-enforcement or forensics, for example, benefit greatly from their ability to become aware of the taste of chemicals, drugs or blood. It often provides clues to how a victim died, or how they were kidnapped or murdered.

Scarcely one person in a thousand is capable of tasting the happiness of others ~ Henry Fielding

Some medical intuitives can taste certain foods a person may need for their health, such as the taste of orange juice for someone who lacks Vitamin C. The taste of certain medicinal substances could also indicate a possible cause of illness, or what kind of treatment to seek.

It is also very handy in some situations if you can ‘taste’ something that is harmful or dangerous; this enables you to get the necessary information about what or where the substance was, without having to physically expose yourself to it.

Mediums rely on clairgustance most often, to identify the source or reason for a message, or to communicate with the consciousness of a loved one who has passed. In this case the various tastes are directly associated with those they are communicating with.

Nothing is more validating than an accurate description of your granny’s home-baked cinnamon biscuits, made from her secret recipe, or your uncle’s favorite ketchup, with which he always smothered his food at family celebrations!

But this gift of taste is not only applicable to the deceased, or non-physical entities. Psychics also experience tastes that are linked to the living. For example, when I am about to get a phone call from one of my closest friends, I always get a strong taste of Cabernet Sauvignon, his favorite red wine cultivar. He is an avid wine collector and connoisseur, and whenever we visit him, he always opens a bottle. Over the years I have come to associate this taste with his energy signature. Surprise visits from him are therefore impossible, try as he might!

Another odd habit I have is to get a craving for cupcakes with pink frosting – always when I am forgetting someone’s birthday (don’t ask, it is a peculiar story dating back to grade school). Needless to say, this happens a lot, because I am absolutely useless at remembering names and birthdays. At least I am good with faces and energy vibrations!

There's a taste in my mouth and it's no taste at all ~ David Bowie

Clairgustance is seldom experienced on its own. In fact, it is very closely associated with clairolfaction or ‘clear smelling’, also known as ‘clairalience’ or ‘clairessence’. The two typically go together and it is not unusual for a psychic to experience a certain taste along with the accompanying smell or odor. Clairgustance often also serves to enhance at least one of the other, more prominent psychic senses, such clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing) or claircognizance (knowing).

Fortunately, I don’t experience these tastes very often, and I usually have to deal mostly with normal food items, or pleasant flavors, when it does come around. Friends and co-workers, however, have mentioned some really weird and funny taste sensations they have had over the years, including rubber, charcoal, cigarettes and bile!

Some clairgustants, including myself, also experience related oral sensations from time to time, such as a dry mouth, burping, hiccups, salivating, or sudden food cravings. © 2010 Anthon St. Maarten


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