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What is a Psychic Reading?

Psychic reading is the process of receiving and interpreting extra-sensory information about your past, present and future. Anthon uses the pathways of extra-sensory perception (ESP), also known as the clair senses or the psychic senses, to receive information. He then interprets this data to offer spiritual guidance, advice and predictions for the future. The aim is to help you make better choices and decisions, improve your quality of life, increase your happiness and fulfillment, ensure your spiritual growth, and also to avoid unnecessary negative events and outcomes in the future.

Please note that an authentic psychic reading is not 'fortune-telling'. Psychic reading is often assumed to be synonymous with fortune-telling, and while they may seem very similar on the surface, they are in fact two very different practices. True psychic reading is a spiritual practice... a sacred portal to manifesting your true destiny. Fortune-telling, on the other hand, is a myth and fallacy... and potentially dangerous and destructive. Read more.

A genuine psychic reading will always aim to inspire, enlighten, and uplift. Psychic readings provide personal healing; releases the past; troubleshoots life challenges, explores viable solutions, and promotes self-empowerment and spiritual expansion. You are the master of your own destiny and the designer of your own reality experience. A psychic reading with Anthon aims to empower you to change your life and future for the better, to fulfill your destiny, and inspire your personal and spiritual growth. Read more

What is a Mediumship Reading?

Mediumship is the process whereby a human instrument, known as a medium or channel, is used by one or more discarnate spirit beings, energies or personalities for the purpose of communicating information, or to cause paranormal events to occur, or to manipulate energies and energy systems. Mediumship therefore involves a cooperating effort between the medium on the Earth plane and a person, entity or being in spirit, who is the actual communicator.

The main purpose of a mediumship reading is to offer afterlife validation, or evidence that our consciousness continues beyond this life. Mediumship mainly seeks to validate, console, heal and uplift. Please be advised that mediumship is a spiritual practice, not a form of entertainment provided for the sake of amusement or personal gratification. Read more. Read more

Please also note that the medium is merely the receiver of information, or the messenger. I do not control who comes through for you during a reading, or what information I will receive from them. It is therefore important to keep an open mind and to not have set expectations of who you wish to hear from, as it can be absolutely anybody! Always expect the unexpected and avoid trying focus too much on hearing from specific loved ones.

Remember that mediumship is always an experiment, and never an exact science. Booking a session with a medium does not guarantee you will receive any messages from spirit. I do not call up your loved ones or ‘make’ them come through. Spirit does not communicate on-demand. Instead, they choose to connect with the medium, or not.
I can therefore not control whether anyone will actually make contact and on rare occasions nobody comes through. Should this happen in your case, please do not take it personally, as it is very unlikely that you would be reason or cause.

What is Destiny Coaching?

Destiny coaching combines life coaching strategies with spiritual guidance and metaphysical tools to empower you to live your life by design. These consultations reach far beyond the confines of standard life coaching, to help you create, attract and manifest the lifestyle, career and relationships you always intended to experience in this lifetime.

Too many people die with their 'music' still in them, because they are always merely getting ready to live, yet never truly get around to it. And before they know it, their time in this life runs out. A typical destiny coaching consultation reviews the progress you have made with your original spiritual life plan. It offers a snapshot of where you are now, how far you have progressed along your intended journey, where you were supposed to be, and where you may have gone off track.
Destiny coaching examines influences from your past, evaluates your choices and decisions thus far, reveals your talents and gifts, explores obstacles and challenges that may be blocking your progress, and ultimately aims to furnish you with the necessary tools, strategies and interventions to reshape your future and truly be the master your own destiny.

Destiny Coaching is the complete mind-body-soul-spirit alternative to traditional life coaching or counselling, infused with personalized spiritual guidance and powerful metaphysical methodologies to ensure much greater transformational success. It helps you to uncover your true destiny, identify your soul purpose and life calling, kick your inner guicance system back into gear, achieve personal fulfillment, and attract lasting success and happiness. Read more

Are in-person readings not better than remote readings?

There is absolutely no difference between getting a remote reading or an in-person reading. During a genuine psychic reading the subject does not need to be physically present in the room with the reader. The only advantage of in-person readings is that it can possibly add more of a personal or social touch to the consultation. In-person consultations are also useful for some psychic specialties, such as clairtangency or psychometric work (energy reading through physical touch). On the other hand, long-distance readings by phone or text can actually have the advantage of being much more pure and accurate, since the reader will be less influenced or distracted by the client's body language, facial expressions, or physical appearance. Some clients also find it more comfortable and less intimidating, since it is more discreet and impersonal.

Can I get an email reading?

I have not been offering email readings for many years now, as they became much too time-consuming and labor-intensive with my busy schedule. They are simply not efficient and practical to be easily accommodated. You are invited to make use of one of my other services instead.

Can I get an in-person reading at your office?

I no longer do in-person readings due to the demanding work schedule and the international client roster I have acquired in recent years. New clients are invited to make use of the phone or Skype reading services.

Can I email you to ask follow-up questions after my reading?

My busy schedule does not allow me to be in on-going correspondence with clients after a session. I am always generous with my time and energy, despite the fact that it is limited. Please be respectful and do not take advantage of it.

What To Expect

Do you predict the future?

Yes, a genuine psychic reading can tell you what is likely to happen in your future if you choose to stay on your current path. But you always have free will and can usually change most predicted outcomes. A reading predicts what is most likely to happen depending on the path you choose, but ultimately it is up to you to choose your path to determine your own future. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Only some milestone events and outcomes in our lives are inevitable and pre-destined to happen. The rest is all up to us and determined by our free will choices and decisions.

Furthermore, be advised that a genuine, reputable psychic will never predict unavoidable tragedy, disease and death. Every psychic prediction you receive during a reading with me will always be accompanied by spiritual advice and metaphysical guidance associated with the prediction, or at the very least an explanation why a certain future outcome can be expected. The value or success of your reading should therefore be measured by the wisdom, insight and upliftment it provides you - not by mere predictions and forecasts. You should never live your life solely by what comes through in a psychic reading, but rather use the information as a guideline and inspiration to improve your life and shape your own future.

However, an authentic psychic reading is not 'fortune-telling'. Psychic reading is often assumed to be synonymous with fortune-telling, and while they may seem very similar on the surface, they are in fact two very different practices. True psychic reading is a spiritual practice, a sacred portal to manifesting your true destiny. Fortune-telling, on the other hand, is a myth and fallacy, and potentially dangerous and destructive.

Are you the real deal?

The best way to determine my authenticity is to experience a psychic or mediumship reading with me for yourself. The next best option is to get a personal referral from a friend or family member you trust. Alternatively, there are several information sources available online should you wish to do additional research on my background and career history. Evidence of my professional reputation, reviews and testimonials for my work are available from several external and third-party sources, such as Best Psychic Directory and HubPages.

Must I prepare for a reading?

Readings do not require any special preparation from you, but there are a few things that you can do before, and during the reading to ensure that you get the most from your consultation.

1. Identify your specific questions and concerns before the reading and write them down, to help you stay focused during the reading.

2. Ask or set an intention that you be given the answers that you need for your highest good, as well as the highest good of others. You can do this through meditation or prayer.

3. Ensure a quiet, peaceful environment without noise or other distractions while receiving the reading.

4. Relax and calm you mind. It is only normal to be a little nervous, especially if you have never had a psychic reading before. A tranquil, peaceful state of mind creates a much more favorable atmosphere for energy flow and accurate results. There is no need to be nervous or tense, so really try to relax. You will ensure the best possible results this way.

​5. Keep a pen and notebook handy to make notes of the important points that come up during the reading.

What can I expect in a reading?

Be open to the process and always expect the unexpected! Every reading is different and unique, and you never know how it will play out. Try not to approach the session with a fixed mind or set ideas about how you want the reading to progress.

It is recommended to have one or more specific issues or topics you wish to discuss, or to have particular questions that you want to have answered, but also be open to any additional spiritual guidance or messages that may present itself spontaneously during the reading

Sometimes information comes through about other aspects of your life that you may not expect, but that you need to hear, or some of the answers to your questions may be more extensive than you had anticipated.

You cannot control ahead of the time what Spirit will choose to communicate, or who will make contact from the other side. You will receive whatever you need to hear or whatever you must know at this point in your life - nothing more, and nothing less.

Also, you may have your heart set on contacting a specific loved one who has crossed over, but instead a former friend or distant family member may show up. Be open and welcoming towards them. During the reading you will be provided with some confirmations or validations.
Different types of evidence may come through to ensure that you understand the message, or recognize who the message is from. This could include names, descriptions, numbers, letters, dates, places, objects, past incidents, special events, current circumstances, relationships, and so forth. Be willing to verify or acknowledge this information in an honest manner. Be fair and confirm when statements are correct or true – don't play games by being misleading or dishonest. If you don’t immediately understand or relate to something that comes through, feel free to be honest and say so, but don’t immediately dismiss it.

Sometimes aspects of a reading only become clear later in the reading, or after the reading has ended. Nothing that comes through during a reading is ever unimportant or irrelevant; as mere humans we just don’t always grasp it, or interpret it correctly at the time, or we are only meant to understand it later. So, always make a note of things you may not immediately recognize or understand. It is a good idea to have some pen and paper ready to make some notes during the reading.

Please note that I do not discuss the following subjects during readings:

  • Illness & Death
  • Pregnancy
  • Other people's private lives
  • Gambling & lotteries
  • Politics
  • Religion

Can you advise me on medical / legal / financial matters?

I offer guidance of a spiritual and inspirational nature for the purpose of personal growth and spiritual development. I am not a registered or accredited professional in the healtcare, legal, financial, investment or any other professional field. You are advised to discuss your medical, legal, financial or any other concerns that require expert professional advice with an appropriate registered and/or licensed professional in that field of expertise. ​For more details please read the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions of Service.

Can you predict the winning lottery numbers?

I do not do readings for gambling and related purposes. Genuine psychics only receive spiritual information that is truly necessary and destined for a specific person at that specific point in their life journey. No more, no less. If you are meant to hear the next winning lottery numbers, you will. Asking for it, or booking a session for this purpose only, will not yield the desired results. During readings I only conveys the information I receive spontaneously from spirit. If these messages happen to contain any information about winning lottery numbers then you must consider yourself extremely blessed, and unusually lucky, that such a windfall is actually destined for you!

​Be careful not to confuse a psychic medium reading with fortune-telling. My readings are always accompanied by guidance, advice and insight to ensure your spiritual growth, healing and positive future outcomes, or to prevent or change undesirable coming events.

Can you send a recording of my reading?

I do not offer a recording service for consultations.

Do I need so send photos and birthdates before the reading?

No, there is no need to provide any photos or additional information before the consultation.

Reading Other People

Can I get a reading about someone else?

​​Kindly do not ask for your reading to be conducted on behalf of someone else, or to be about someone else's life. You can only request a reading for yourself, and you will be required to state your first name to begin the reading. By providing your first name, as well as the payment for the session, you are giving permission for the reading.

A reading is a highly personal and private matter. It is about you, and the people who are directly affecting your life by their choice. Relevant information may come up about other people and how they may be impacting your life, but the focus in a reading is always on your life, and not what others are up to.

Can I ask questions about other people?

During your reading you may ask questions about other people, but only if those people have chosen or agreed to be a part of your life by their own free will. Kindly do not expect to receive information about someone else, dead or alive, whom you are not actually connected to in a mutual, consenting relationship, or about someone who no longer wishes to be connected to you. You do not have a mandate to authorize the reading of strangers, or request that I pry into the private lives of other people. ​For example, you have the right to ask about your current or recent life partner, your spouse, your best friend or your employer, because they have willingly consented to enter into a relationship with you and they therefore have an impact on your happiness and well-being, for better or worse. You do have the right to request spiritual guidance, insight and advice regarding your relationship with such a person, but you do not have the right to interfere with the private lives of your family and friends, to spy on others, or spiritually "stalk' strangers with whom you do not have a mutual, consenting relationship. A reading is first and foremost about you, not about the lives of other people.

Also, if your request for a reading is based on negative motives towards others, such as revenge, envy, lust, or greed, then be prepared to be disappointed, or even shocked. The spiritual answers you are hoping to hear in this regard will most likely not be what you were hoping hear.

"If you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask no one to be different so that you can feel good. You would free yourself of all of that cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world, or control your mate, or control your child. You are the only one who creates your reality. For no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you, every bit of it you.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

Why do you ask for first names during readings?

If you ask any questions about other people during a reading, their first names will usually be requested for the following reasons:

  • By providing the first name of the person you have a mutual, consenting relationship with, you give Anthon a spiritual mandate or permission to read the person on your behalf. But remember that Anthon can only read those people who choose to be a part of your life.
  • The person's name serves as an 'address', marker or access point for Anthon to connect with energetically.
  • It makes it easier to have a meaningful, and less confusing conversation, especially if there is more than one person involved in the situation.

Can you do the reading for a couple or group?

Group readings are more complex and simply not practical by phone or Skype. I only offer readings for individuals. Should you want to schedule readings for more than one person, each person will be required to schedule their own, individual consultation.

Can I book a reading for someone else?

I prefer that all clients schedule their own appointments to prevent miscommunication, missed appointments and other logistical problems. However, you are welcome to purchase a consultation as a gift on behalf of a friend or relative. Anthon does not offer a gift certificate service, but you can request a consultation as a special gift for your partner, friend or relative. To arrange such a gift reading please visit the Gift Reading page for details.