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The Sensible Psychic Book

Not another psychic book about oracle cards, crystal balls and tea leaves

The Sensible Psychic is a level-headed guide to true psychic channeling and mediumship that dispels many of the modern myths and misconceptions regarding psychic ability, supernatural perception, and the so-called 'clair senses.'


The Sensible Psychic explores both the spirituality and science of psychic channeling and mediumship. 

This trailblazing guide is not just another 'psychic’ book about oracle card divination, numerology, astrology, crystal ball scrying, or reading tea leaves in a cup.


It is an honest, no-nonsense investigation of the authentic abilities of everyday psychics and mediums that explores the true nature of psychic perception and supernatural channeling.

The Sensible Psychic bridges the gap between a rational left-brain and an intuitive right-brain approach to psychic perception by finding a level-headed middle-ground between theory and practice, physics and metaphysics, and science and spirituality.

​It is a sober, user-friendly account that features both new and revised psychic terminology, as well as a re-imagined conceptual model for psychic perception that challenges an outmoded, yet persistent misconception: psychics and mediums do not 'sense,' they perceive.

The must-have new resource for sensible psychics and mediums and their clients



A redefining reference text for professional psychics and mediums who prefer a pragmatic approach to psychic channeling and mediumship based on relatable concepts, accurate representation, sensible science, and common sense terminology.



An informative guide for clients who consult with professional psychics and mediums and need reliable information to find trustworthy, authentic service providers without the typical misrepresentations and 'woo-woo' clichés.



A self-empowering primer for developing psychics and mediums to expand their psychic vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding of their metaphysical gifts without the confusing myths, misnomers and misinformation.



A no-nonsense compendium for psi enthusiasts and esoteric seekers who are keen to investigate psychic phenomena, mystical experiences and the supernatural beyond pop culture ‘hocus pocus’ and mainstream stereotypes.


Myth-busting real talk that answers many puzzling questions

The book's title not only signifies a more 'sensible' approach, meaning ‘to be reasonable, well-informed, and have good judgment;'  but also plays on the other meaning of 'sensible,' namely ‘perceptible to the senses or capable of sensation.’  This is the fundamental misconception challenged in this book: psychics and mediums do not 'sense,' they perceive.

Psychic Ability & Development

The Sensible Psychic adresses many common questions regarding true psychic ability and psychic development.

  • Is everyone psychic? If not, how does one become psychic?

  • Are psychics born or made? Is psychic ability hereditary or can it be learned?

  • Is psychic ability a gift, talent, or skill?

  • Do psychics and mediums have different psychic senses?

  • How many psychic abilities are there?

  • Which psychic ability is the true sixth sense?

  • Do psychics share certain personality traits? 

  • What is the difference between intuitive, sensitive, and psychic? 

  • Why do many psychics and mediums report childhood trauma?

  • Where does the information come from in a psychic reading?

  • Do psychics and mediums have to enter a trance state to channel?

  • What is the difference between channeling, reading, and divining?

  • Can psychics really predict the future?

  • Is psychic reading the same as fortune-telling?

The Clair Senses Myth

There is a long-standing tradition in esoteric teachings, metaphysics, and the occult that each of the ordinary five senses has an equivalent 'astral sense' or a metaphysical 'counterpart.’  Herein lies the origins of much dysfunctional psychic lingo and bizarre myths that have become prevalent.

​Psychics and mediums do not have 'super senses' or astral 'sense organs.' Instead of promoting true understanding of psychic perception, the use of these 'sensory' concepts have served to only create more misrepresentation in a field already bearing a reputation for being disingenuous, superstitious, weird, and rife with ‘woo-woo.’ 

The Sender-Receiver Myth

The traditional 'tin can phone' model of 'receiving incoming messages’ is a gross underestimation of the mystical, numinous, complex nature of true psychic perception and mediumship. Psychics and mediums are not mind-brain 'receivers.' They are mind-soul perceivers.

​​The reception myth is one of the leading causes of misinformation and myths regarding psychic phenomena. It is also one of the reasons why traditional parapsychology research is not always highly successful. 

Psychic perception is not a long-distance ‘phone call’ that transmits information from another time or place. It is rather the establishing of resonance with energy information or akashic data that is immediately available in the here and now of the universal consciousness.


The Transmission Myth

The conventional model of psychic 'sensing’ is problematic because it promotes the mechanistic idea of ‘extrasensory inputs’ transmitted through time and space, and over a distance, to the psychic or medium from an external sender or source.

This notion of 'transmitting' is a fundamentally flawed assumption, yet one that stubbornly continues to define how many psychic practitioners and scholars conceive of psychic perception, channeling and mediumship.

Instead of this outmoded, misconstrued notion The Sensible Psychic offers a new conceptual model that characterizes authentic psychic perception more accurately, to align with current trends in parapsychology, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, and spirituality.

Includes new and revised psychic terminology and a groundbreaking conceptual model for psychic perception

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So You Think Your Are A Psychic or Medium?

This is an excellent read for new psychics (beginners) and for professional evidential mediums.


This book enlightens you on what you should know before you get started in this field of spirituality and speaking with spirit; along with continuing your education as an evidential medium even if you have received this gift as a child. Never stop learning.


The author shares his personal experience from the time he was a small child to the present. He teaches you the do's and don'ts about this industry and brings awareness to you about being a professional psychic or medium and not falling into the category of a charlatan.


There is also good reference material in the back of the book. If you are either a psychic or medium this book should be in you library.

Andrea H
Barnes & Noble

Fabulous Book!

I’ve been trying to sort out my abilities and experiences all my life.


Mainstream and long accepted definitions or norms do not always hold up to the ways that psychic and mediumship abilities themselves seem to be manifesting with less sharply divided edges.


This author perceived that and proposes some new terms to accommodate those changes. This book is a great read and chock full of helpful information!

Marci Tsohonis

Available at your favorite online book retailer

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