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Mediumship Reading


Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium

Anthon St. Maarten Spiritual Medium

What Is A Mediumship Reading?

Mediumship is the process whereby a human instrument known as a medium or channel communicates with one or more discarnate spirit beings, energies or personalities. Mediumship is joint effort between the medium in the physical world and a personality, entity or being on the spirit realm, who is the actual communicator. The medium is merely the messenger or conveyer of the information communicated by spirit.


The main aim of a mediumship reading is usually to offer afterlife validation or evidence that our consciousness continues beyond this life.  Authentic mediumship seeks to validate, console, heal and uplift. 

Psychic Reading Versus Mediumship


A psychic and a medium is in essence the same thing. A medium is simply a 'specialized' type of psychic. 

A psychic 'channels' or 'reads' energy data regarding a living person's past, present and future to offer metaphysical insight, prophetic predictions, spiritual wisdom and life guidance.

A medium 'channels' or 'reads' the energy data of a deceased person and relays metaphysical information from the spirit realm (akashic records).


Mental mediumship or evidential mediumship provides afterlife validation, healing messages and life guidance to the friends and relatives of departed loved ones and ancestors.


Trance mediumship, on the other hand is the reception of energy data communicated by discarnate spirit personalities or non-physical entities for the purpose of enlightenment, spiritual guidance and metaphysical insight.

Mediumship Reading
  • Receive messages and afterlife validations from your spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed to the other side.

  • Communicate with spirit to gain a better understanding of your destiny and your unique spiritual path in this lifetime.

  • Mediumship channeling seeks to validate, console, heal and uplift with guidance received from the spirit realm.

Consultation Fees

Standard Session

$150.00 (30 min)
$190.00 (45 min)
$230.00 (60 min)
$290.00 (90 min)

Emergency Session

$320 (30 min)
$490 (60 min)

Session Packages

$380.00​ (2 x 60 min)
$680.00 (4 x 60 min)
$900.00 (6 x 60 min)

How To Book

​To get a reading simply visit the booking page and schedule an appointment online. It is quick and easy! Once you have selected a date and time, you will automatically be redirected to PayPal for secure payment. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment.

Help & FAQ's

For more information about readings, booking and payment, and other services visit

Help & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Phone Psychic Reading

Get a reading on your landline or mobile phone. You receive a call on the number you provide so there is no additional call costs.

Skype Psychic Reading

Get a reading using Skype™ and your computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is a headphone or earphones with a mic.

Psychic Reading Package

Get a series of readings scheduled in advance with priority access at a special discount rate. Ideal for regular clients or coaching sessions.

Emergency Psychic Reading

Your life in crisis? Get an urgent reading in times of chaos, turmoil or indecision. No need to wait, just schedule an emergency session.

Mediumship Channeling Spirit Realm

​The modern psychic medium faces the challenge of remaining true to a spiritual calling, despite the sometimes unrealistic client expectations engendered by popular culture. Mediumship is in truth not a dog and pony show aimed at applause or viewer ratings. It is a spiritual endeavor that seeks to validate, console, heal and uplift. It's a blessing from beyond... like a phone call from God.

Mediumship presented as entertainment is a double-edged sword. The media hype generated by psychic television shows, and live stage performances featuring celebrity mediums, has no doubt contributed much to an increased public awareness of mediumship. 

Psychic Business & Finance Reading

Psychic insight and metaphysical advice for entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners, managers and professionals. Extrasensory support and spiritual guidance in various aspects of career, finances, investment and business.

Future Forecast Reading

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or the New Year with a preview of the year ahead. Discover some of the highs and lows that may be coming your way in the next four seasons. Make wise choices and avoid unnecessary negative outcomes.

Love, Relationship, Soulmate and Twin Flame Psychic Reading

Discover the truth about your current partner and the future of your relationship. Release past traumas and break the cycle of failed relationships. Find your way to your predestined soulmate. Manifest the love of your life.

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