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  • Manifesting Miracles In Dark And Difficult Times

    The current state of the world is no doubt the 'winter of discontent' for our generation. 'Pandemic fatigue’ or ‘covid burnout’ has been taking its toll on even the most resilient, spiritually grounded, and level-headed among us. Nobody has been immune to the ravages of the past year's challenges. But how we ultimately emerge from this time of extreme contrast will be a make-or-break free will choice. How we spiritually manage the remainder of these difficult days will determine the next chapter of our life and serve as a springboard for the rest of our journey in this lifetime. We recently reached the one-year mark in an ongoing global crisis and it has certainly not been rainbows, butterflies, or unicorns. In fact, it has been an annus horribilis in every possible sense. The Covid-19 pandemic is without a doubt one of the most challenging experiences of spiritual contrast many of us will have to face in our current lifetime. Those of us who are spiritually aware and committed to an awakened, conscious lifestyle have been aware of the spiritual significance of these dark and difficult times. We have been valiantly embracing the many opportunities for personal empowerment and soul growth this time of deep contrast has been presenting to us. Some with more success than others. There is, however, one valuable spiritual prospect that many seekers and believers are currently blissfully unaware of, or not taking full advantage of. Many do not seem to understand that we have a powerful window of opportunity currently open to us that can set in motion the future fulfillment of our most cherished life goals, and the manifestation of our most ambitious hopes, dreams and desires. Contrast is the spiritual spice of life. It's a foolish mistake to assume that when the going gets tough, the magic must stop. Now is the ideal time to manifest miracles. Our future is not tomorrow. The future is what we are creating today. Right now. It's a foolish mistake to assume that when the going gets tough, the magic must stop. The darker and more difficult the times, the more vital it becomes to hold on to your dreams and launch new rockets of desire. Now is in fact the ideal time to manifest miracles! The most fertile time for manifesting abundance, prosperity, joy and fulfillment is not during the happy, carefree days of our life, when we are cruising along on autopilot and everything is peaceful and prosperous. Quite the contrary. Our innate desire as spiritual beings to expand, achieve, prosper, and fulfill our true destiny is seldom fueled by times of comfort, ease, and abundance. It is actually during the darkest, most challenging times of deep soul contrast, spiritual adversity and intense trauma and suffering that we realize what truly matters and learn to appreciate even the smallest blessings in our lives. It is only when we have experienced the chill of a brutal, grim winter, that we can begin to fully cherish the warmth of a bright summer’s day. Contrast is the spiritual spice of life. The past year has been exactly such a stark wake-up call. Many of us have found a new awareness of our true priorities, hopes and dreams. Sadly, not everyone will maximize their chances of successfully manifesting these newfound dreams and goals. In fact, some will stumble out of the Covid arena bruised and battered with little to show for surviving the battle, despite the current opportunities presented to them. Other will simply return to the comfort zone of their pre-pandemic life. And tragically, some will be worse off than they were before this existential storm. Some will stumble out of the Covid arena bruised and battered with little to show for surviving the battle. For the spiritually savvy person this is make-or-break time. And contrary to all the doom prophets and naysayers, there is much to look forward to. The spiritually wise and metaphysically empowered will however come out of these times ready to embrace a meaningful new life of joy, fulfillment, abundance, prosperity, combined with a heightened level of empathy, social responsibility and spiritual wisdom. How you consciously manage the remainder of this challenging time will determine the next chapter of your life. It will lay the foundation for what you will manifest in the medium-to-long-term future, while setting the scene for what to expect from the rest of your journey in this lifetime. Now is certainly not the time to be complacent or despondent. For the spiritually savvy person this is make-or-break time. It’s very much now, or never. And contrary to all the doom prophets and naysayers, there is so much to look forward to for those of us who will be ready to embrace the many blessings and opportunities I foresee in our future. Many revolutionary innovations and unexpected new possibilities will come forth from these difficult times, like lotus flowers blooming brightly in the morning light from the messy, murky waters of a dark night. Now is absolutely the time to 'get all dressed up while there is still nowhere to go.' Now is the time to rise up and embrace the life lessons and spiritual growth opportunities all of this contrast has delivered to us and use it to recalibrate our consciousness, realign our energy and reinvent our lives for the better. Contrast is a gift of divine inspiration. Now is the time to redesign your destiny and set your intentions for manifesting a new and improved future reality. And this is how you can start achieving this today: Adjust Your Attitude The first step in beating back ‘pandemic burnout’ and setting in motion the manifestation of your bright new future is to choose how you are going to think and feel about the current circumstances. I foresee that we are still much less out of the woods than many currently may want to believe. In many places we are still set to hit rock-bottom and in others the aftermath of the pandemic will in time reveal even more losses, trauma and collateral damage. The effects and influences of this novel coronavirus will reverberate for many years to come. There is only one sensible path when we are confronted with such an agonizing, frustrating co-created circumstance, over which we have little control as individuals. Instead of hopelessly trying to change the situation, it makes much more sense to adapt our attitude and change ourselves. It is spiritually foolish to constantly row upstream and fight the currents of life, or passively wait for the tides to change. To get to our destination, we must calibrate our inner compass, adjust our sails to the winds, and look up at the guidance of the stars. This does not mean we surrender or give up. Quite the contrary. It means we harness the contrasting energy of the times and make the absolute most of the circumstances exactly as they are right now. Everything happens for a reason and spiritually mature, empowered people accept personal responsibility for their daily reality experience. The renowned Austrian psychologist Viktor Frankl referred to this as “the last of the human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Frankl discovered this universal truth during his time as a teenage prisoner in various Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War. Everything was taken from him: his freedom, his family and friends, his clothes and possessions, his name, and even the hair they shaved off his head - except for the one remaining freedom we all possess: the ability to choose how he was going to think and feel in that dreadful situation. The positive, hopeful, determined attitude he chose in the end ensured his survival and he went on to become a celebrated neurologist, psychiatrist, philosopher and author who fulfilled his true destiny and lived out his life until the age of 92. The only true human freedom we have is the ability to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances. You absolutely do have a choice at this moment in time. We always have a choice. Make the better choice today. It will be wise to assess your attitude and mindset going forward. A pessimistic, cynical outlook, toxic anger and frustration, or a victim mentality, will not invite new blessings and miracles into your life. Trust me on that. It will only serve to rub salt in the wounds and add further insult to injury. Choosing a hopeful, enthusiastic, courageous, even excited outlook will instead empower you to manifest a better, brighter future. You absolutely do have a choice at this moment in time. We always have a choice. Make the better choice today. Change Your Thoughts To take back your power in any given situation, focus on the things you can control. The thoughts you choose to think is usually the best place to start. Your fears, worries and false beliefs do not keep you safe. They keep you small. When you are trapped in negative, pessimistic thought patterns, your mind is no longer free to set new intentions, nor visualize a brighter future. For that is how we create: with our consciousness; with everything that goes on in our mind. Manifesting is a dual process governed by two universal spiritual laws, namely the Law of Creation and the Law of Attraction. You can read more about this in my book Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny. The bottom-line is that manifesting is a two-sided process of both creation and attraction. We must create (plan, design, envision, imagine) what we want, and then attract those creations into our reality experience. We do this by resonating with, or becoming a match to the energy frequency of whatever we wish to manifest. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. Until we match the energy, our wishes cannot become manifest. How bright or bleak is your current vision for the future? If you don’t like what you currently find in the corridors of your mind, now would be a vital time to sort that out as soon as possible. Therefore, the next hurdle to overcome in these tough, crazy times is to be wise about what we are choosing to create. We create with our consciousness. Thoughts become things. What we think about, what we focus on and pay attention to, what we choose to believe, all adds up to what will ultimately become our manifested reality. We are the creators of our own reality experience, therefore we must be mindful about what we choose to think and believe, for this will determine our destiny and the outcomes of our future reality experience. Consider what you have been consciously, and subconsciously creating in your mind lately. Take stock of your thought patterns and mental processes. How bright or bleak is your current vision and outlook for the future? Do you even have a proper vision for your future? If you don’t like what you currently find in the corridors of your mind, now would be a vital time to sort that out as soon as possible. Shift Your Focus If you do find yourself engaging in a lot of negative thought patterns at the moment, it is very likely that your pessimism, fear and doubt may be caused by your current choice of mental focus. Consider for a moment what you have been feeding your mind lately. What have you been paying most attention to in the world around you. Here’s the deal: a better, brighter future cannot emerge from the ashes of a contrasting experience if we continue to dwell on the past, or obsess over the unpleasant details of the current manifested reality. There is no future in the past, and what is evident today, will no longer be true tomorrow. Empowered manifestors are masters of their own mind. They are not slaves to self-limiting beliefs, nor servants to small-minded views of the world. Empowered manifestors are masters of their own mind. They are not slaves to self-limiting beliefs, nor servants to small-minded views of the world. Now is the time to carefully consider what you are choosing to focus on, think about, pay attention to and believe. Yes, things are difficult and chaotic right now, but get over it. Instead of focusing on what is, or how bad things may appear to be right now, what you should be doing more of is focusing on what you wish to see, experience and manifest in the future. Use the remainder of this difficult time to focus more on what you do want for your future. Set your intention to manifest solutions, instead of obsessing over problems that you cannot change or control. Visualize the cure, stop feeding the calamity. Focusing on everything that is wrong or missing in your life today will not serve to invite tomorrow’s joy, fulfillment, success, abundance, or prosperity. Instead of investing your divine creative energy by focusing on the negative aspects and every grim detail of the current reality, you will be wise to direct your focus towards what you envision, wish for and desire for the future. Clarify Your Goals Times of contrast are not intended to be an everlasting pity-party of fear, despair, victim mindsets, lack consciousness and a scarcity mentality. Yes, initially when disaster and tragedy strikes, contrast is meant to turn our world upside down, because the ensuing wave of chaos, misery and anguish is what will ultimately push us forward to a newfound awareness of life’s joys and blessings we otherwise usually take for granted. But once we have been rudely awakened and radically confronted by such an experience of contrast, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get ourselves back on track with renewed strength, wisdom, clarity, determination, and ambition. From the contrast must arise a new vision for our future. This is the dualistic dynamic of this spiritual adventure we signed up for in this lifetime. Like it or not, this is how we roll as spiritual beings in human form. The unwanted aspects of the current reality is meant to give rise to new rockets of desire. Find those rockets now, so you can launch them and set the wheels of your future manifestations in motion as soon as possible. If you currently find your attention and focus morbidly turning to what is, instead of what can be, use those moments of negativity as an opportunity to consider what you truly want instead. For that is what contrast is meant to teach us. It is supposed to show us what we do want, not just what we don't want. From our agony, grief and suffering must emerge new desires, hopes and dreams for the future. This is the true purpose of spiritual contrast. Without contrast there is no growth, innovation, renewal or expansion. Even Mother Nature knows that a perpetual summer makes no sense. There must be a winter. The cold months of the year strengthen the roots of trees and enable plants to store energy for renewed growth. In fact, the harsher the winter, the more the plant kingdom thrives when the warm sunshine returns. The unwanted aspects of the current reality is meant to give rise to new rockets of desire. Find those rockets now, so you can launch them and set the wheels of your future manifestations in motion as soon as possible. Don’t be tempted to indulge in pessimism, negativity or self-pity during the rest of these dark, difficult times. Use the contrast as it was intended: to serve as fuel for discovering new goals and dreams. Begin to focus on what you want, instead of what you do not want. Focus on the possibilities. The limitations will take care of itself. Release Your Resistance Figuring out what we yearn for and truly desire is, however, the easier past of successfully working through a time of contrast. And this is where even more of us are currently floundering. Some may have already found crystal-clear clarity in recent months regarding their hopes and wishes for the future, but many of those post-pandemic dreams will fall through the cracks and go up in smoke because their owners lack energetic resonance and alignment with what they are hoping to attract and manifest. When we are indulging in negativity and hopelessness we are perpetuating an energy frequency that creates resistance to new blessings and opportunities from entering our life. It pushes the good stuff away and blocks our progress. We can only attract what our energy is resonating with today, not what we hope to be energetically compatible with tomorrow. There is also no point in sending out energy that is telling the Universe, God, Spirit, Source what we do not want, or how much we despise the mess the world has become this past year. Stating the obvious of what is with our energy signal will not transform those things we do not want. It will merely recreate it, or worse, invite even more of that negativity into our life. Resistant energy prevents new miracles from manifesting. This current existential drama is co-created and divinely ordained. It is beyond our individual choosing or control and it must unfortunately play itself out to its bitter end. While you wait out the storm, focus instead on aligning yourself with the next chapter of your life. The most self-empowering step you can therefore take in the remainder of these difficult time is to release the energetic resistance you may have been cultivating by pushing against the circumstances of the pandemic. Let go of the struggle, release the frustration, stop fighting the tide! It is what it is. This current existential drama is co-created and divinely ordained. It is beyond our individual choosing or control and it must unfortunately play itself out to its bitter end. We exist in a co-created reality in which we do not always choose all the outcomes and circumstances. Much of our shared reality is manifested in collaboration with the rest of humanity, and on top of that some of it is also chosen for us by divine intervention. There are times in our life when God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, decides what is best for us. But how we choose to think and feel about a given situation is always our free will choice. While you wait out the storm, focus on aligning yourself with the next chapter of your life and begin to prepare yourself for your amazing future. Many souls are spiritually and mentally lounging around these days, wasting precious time, or feeling miserable, hopeless, bitter, or sorry for themselves. There is absolutely no worse death curse than the humdrum daily existence of the living dead. Do not allow yourself to become a part of it. Instead, use this time to get ahead of the game! Love Your Neighbor The most powerful way you can beat back the ‘pandemic blues’ and ensure the successful manifestation of your dreams and wishes is to practice empathy, compassion, gratitude and unconditional love. These are the prime energy frequencies for attracting miracles and wonders! There is much suffering and despair in our world today. Many have lost their livelihoods. Many have lost their loved ones. Many are grieving or struggling with their mental health. Many are fighting for their very survival in emergency rooms. Many have also gone hungry, while some have been complaining about gaining weight during lockdown and “getting a tan from their refrigerator light." While in some places in the world local authorities are having to coax their citizens into get vaccinated by offering them financial rewards, entertainment and free donuts, there are places where people do not even have access to a hospital bed or oxygen, much less the luxury of choosing to get vaccinated, or not. These challenging times demand that we all check our privilege. The pandemic has exposed many inequalities, disparities, and social injustices in our world. We have a collective responsibility as co-creators to do something about it. These challenging times demand that we all check our privilege. The pandemic has exposed many inequalities, disparities, and social injustices in our world. It has also revealed the extreme ignorance and lack of education in our society regarding science and technology. We have a collective responsibility as co-creators to do something about it. For if we do not correct these wrongs, we will all suffer for it in the end and more global events of contrast will be coming our way. Instead of complaining about ‘pandemic fatigue,’ it may be more useful to find ways to be of service to others when there is currently so much opportunity to do so. Empathy, compassion and social responsibility is sorely lacking in our world today. To be blessed, we must bless others. To manifest miracles in our own lives, we must create miracles in the lives of others. The most powerful key to successful manifesting is to practice gratitude. The more sincerely grateful we are for every blessing in our life, no matter how big or small, the more our energy resonance will attract more new blessings to be grateful for. And the most powerful expression of gratitude is to be generous and big-hearted in sharing our blessings with others. Respect Your Grief For some of us it is currently more difficult to set new intentions for the future. There is a time and place for everything. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one this past year, be kind and gentle with yourself. You may not be ready right now to implement the guidelines offered in this article. Instead your starting points should be to make every effort to process your grief first. And you have every tight to do it in your own time and in your own, unique way. Grieving is highly individual and personal. It is perfectly normal and acceptable to express your true feelings, whatever they may be. Whether you feel sad, angry, depressed, lonely or afraid - all of your feelings are valid and should be respected and authentically expressed. Do not allow others to dictate to you how your bereavement should be dealt with, or how you are supposed to think and feel. Take your time and deal with your loss in your own way. Grieving is not subject to a random schedule or timeline. Allow yourself as much time and space as you need to work through your unique thoughts and emotions. Be patient and compassionate with yourself and others. Know that this too shall pass. In time, you will find your way through the contrast. It will not be easy or predictable, and some days will be worse than others, but eventually you will get to higher ground. Do not be too proud to seek help and support from others. Reach out if you need a shoulder to lean on, or a friend to talk to. There is always someone out there who cares, no matter how isolated you may feel at this time. Also, make a real effort to support yourself daily with self-care. You may not always be in the mood to take good care of yourself, but do whatever you can, when you can. Try to at least get some sleep, eat healthy, take breaks and relax, do some exercise, meditate, pray, journal, socialize, get out of the house. Self-care and spiritual practice will empower you on even the most difficult days. Know that this too shall pass. In time, you will find your way through the contrast. It will not be easy or predictable, and some days will be worse than others, but eventually you will get to higher ground. Your heart will become lighter and your soul will regain balance. Until then, whatever you do, do not try to suppress or ignore your true feelings. Denying how you really feel will not bring your to a place of acceptance and healing. Once you feel ready to proceed with everyday life, return to this blog post and apply the rest of the guidelines described here. Find Your Purpose This time of intense contrast has been inviting many of us to contemplate the true meaning and purpose of our life. If you went into this pandemic with a lack of purpose or life goals, chances are this is no longer the case. If so, then it is now time to begin taking more practical steps towards making your newfound purpose a reality. And if you have not yet figured out what your life purpose or calling is, now is the ideal time to explore it with more sincerity and determination. The first thing you can do to connect with your life purpose is to boost your daily spiritual practice. To connect with you life calling your inner guidance system needs a broadband connection to the ‘big computer in the sky.’ A dial-up connection is not going to cut it. If you are really stuck then contact me for a destiny coaching consultation. Visualize Your Future Now is the time to launch new ‘rockets of desire,’ not wallow in misery over what used to be, or should have been, or could have been. Pandemic fatigue is essentially just a symptom of clinging to the past and desperately wanting to return the ‘good old days’ that were not necessarily all that great, if you carefully think about it. Contrast enriches life. Was your life really all that picture perfect before the pandemic? If not, why obsess over it? Begin to imagine instead your brand-new post-pandemic life. The end is in sight. A new epoch, a time of great joy, celebration, abundance, and adventure, is looming on the horizon. Be wise and get ready. The restrictions and limitations currently placed of our daily lives is therefore not a prison sentence. It is a wonderful opportunity to amp up our spiritual and metaphysical practices. Now is the time to create, to visualize, to set powerful intentions for the future. The temporary ‘new normal’ is not a curse, it is a blessing in disguise. It offers us a unique period of grace to envision and prepare for the future, and calibrate and align our energy with the outcomes we intend to manifest in the years that lie ahead. Instead of getting sucked into downward daily spiral of fake news, social media drama, pandemic fatigue, frustration and self-pity, use this time wisely to apply as many manifesting techniques and spiritual practices as you can lay your hands on. Create a vision board, start a gratitude journal, write a set of morning affirmations, recite a daily prayer, make a shopping list of your wishes, goals and desires, do visualization exercises, perform a manifesting ritual, experiment with dreamwork, listen to subliminal recordings, stream some guided meditations, write a letter to yourself from your future self. Meditate. Pray. Chant. Journal. Visualize. Fantasize. Imagine. Daydream. Every day. The end is in sight. A new epoch, a time of great joy, celebration, abundance and amazing adventure is looming on the horizon. Be wise and get ready. ​​© 2021 Anthon St. Maarten ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anthon St. Maarten is an international psychic medium and destiny coach with clients in more than thirty countries spanning five continents. He is also a metaphysics teacher and podcaster, spiritual blogger and author with a special interest in new thought spirituality, metaphysics, sacred sites, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in practice since 2004 and his services are available globally. For more information visit

  • The Sacred Gift Of Science And Technology

    All science is divinely inspired. It is a miraculous gift, a sacred mandate, an act of divine providence. It is channeled from beyond this world. Scientific discoveries and technological innovations are gracious blessings from Spirit, godsends from the Divine, manna from the Heavens. Why then are some of the so-called enlightened and spiritually conscious among us still choosing to wear their ‘tin foil hats?’ Science and spirituality, by their very nature, have traditionally always been at odds, and there is a fundamental ideological reason for it to be at cross-purposes. The point of departure for any scientific endeavor is always a position of doubt, questioning, skepticism, and even disbelief. In the eyes of science nothing is real or true, until proven otherwise, and this requires hardcore evidence. According to science, if you cannot observe something, or somehow measure it, it simply does not exist. Spirituality, on the other hand, operates from a position of faith, belief, conviction, hope, acceptance, and even certainty. To be spiritual is to believe in the unseen, the unknown, the ethereal. Science deals in the physical, while spirituality embraces the metaphysical. And by their very nature, this is how it must be. But it is therefore also highly unlikely that science and spirituality will ever be the best of friends. Throughout human history, hardcore classical scientists have considered all forms of spirituality and metaphysics as nothing more than ignorant superstition, while religious fundamentalists have branded scientific pursuit and innovative technologies as a godless sacrilege, condemning science for its arrogant interference with the natural order of things by ‘trying to play God.’ It does astonish me that so many 'spiritually aware' people in this day and age can still be so hostile towards modern science and technological invention, when in truth it is divinely inspired. In the 1600’s, for example, the astronomer Galileo Galilei spent the final years of his life under house arrest, after he was branded a heretic for claiming that the Earth revolves around the Sun. And strangely, there are still people today who believe the Earth to be flat, and that the Sun rotates around us, as if the past 400 years of scientific achievement never happened. Galileo must be turning in his grave. Despite the fundamental disparity and age-old animosity between science and spirituality, it does astonish me that so many spiritually aware people in this day and age can still be so hostile towards modern science and technological invention? The first irony is the fact that both the spiritualist and scientist share the same passion in life: they are both striving to gain a better understanding of our worldly existence and the many remarkable mysteries of the Universe. Yet, they refuse to see eye to eye. But the absurdity goes much deeper than that. It is even more astounding to me that so many ‘highly conscious’ and ‘spiritually awakened’ individuals can remain so bitterly antagonistic towards the many miracles and wonders of scientific discovery, when in truth all of science and technology is divinely inspired. Consider, for example, the fact that several of history’s most famous and influential scientists, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie, were all theists. In other words, they were not just seekers, but also believers. They all had a spiritual belief system that included believing in the existence of a Higher Power or a Creator God that intervenes in the miraculous workings of the Universe. A lesser known example is the number of scientists who have stated that the original inspiration for their significant discoveries came to them in a dream. René Descartes who created the field of analytical geometry; Dmitri Mendeleev who invented the Periodic Table; Niels Bohr who received the Nobel Peace Prize for conceiving the model of the atom; and Albert Einstein who conceived the Theory of Relativity, all claimed that the spark of inspiration for their ideas came to them courtesy of their dreams. ​Not From Me, But From Heaven, Comes All You see, scientists do not invent or discover amazing new things entirely of their own accord. The miracle of science is not a creation of man, it is merely channeled by humanity. All science is a sacred inspiration received from the Divine, the Original Source, God, the Universe, Great Spirit, the Creator, the Universal Life Force. Science is a miraculous gift from the heavens, a sacred mandate, an act of divine providence. Scientific imagination originates from beyond this limited time-space reality and the feeble human mind. True scientific ingenuity is not of this world. ​This universal truth was more widely understood by the ancients. Greek mythology, for example, features in its pantheon of deities the minor goddesses known as the Muses, whose job it was to guide, protect and inspire the visual arts, music, literature, and the sciences. Each of the nine muses, meaning ‘guiding spirit’ or ‘source of inspiration,’ was responsible for presiding over a particular art or science. Today we still ‘muse’ over something when we deeply think, ruminate on, dream, ponder, or contemplate important matters. Oh. if only more of us would do more musing more often, then our world might be a much more sensible, safe place... ​In 1759, after his final performance, the beloved Baroque composer, George Frideric Handel, received an ecstatic ovation from his audience. Blind and very sickly at the time, he refused to take any of the credit for himself, and instead cried out, “Not from me, but from Heaven, comes all!” ​​Oddly, most spiritually aware people today have no problem accepting that creative art is inspired by the Divine. Just one glance at the breathtaking beauty and grace of the natural world is enough proof that its Creator must be the Ultimate Artist. I doubt any deeply spiritual person will ever dispute this. The Divine indeed does loves beautiful things! If scientific discovery and technological innovation are blessings from the Spirit Realm, godsends from the Divine, why then do so many in the spiritual community still insist on looking a ‘gift horse in the mouth?’ The Italians say, “Hell is crowded with ungrateful wretches.” Maybe the Italians have a point. Similarly, artists and creatives are often valued by the spiritual community as divine messengers and channelers, or even as the new shamans of contemporary society. Both the visual and performing arts have always had its central place in many spiritual practices, religious ceremonies and devotional rituals. What would most forms of spirituality and religion even be without the presence of music, dance, literature and the visual arts? ​Yet, when it comes to the many wondrous marvels of modern science, some believers fail to recognize or appreciate it being equally the result of divine intervention. If scientific discovery and technological innovation are blessings from the Spirit Realm, godsends from the Divine, manna from Heaven, why then do so many in the spiritual community still insist on looking a ‘gift horse in the mouth?’ The Italians say, “Hell is crowded with ungrateful wretches.” Well, maybe the Italians have a point. Surely, both physics and metaphysics reside on the same continuum of an expanding Universe, and surely, they must both be expressions of the same, original Divine Source of Intelligent Design that is responsible for the creation of our magnificent Universe? And just as scientists subscribe to different theories and research methodologies to explain natural phenomena, similarly spiritual seekers explore supernatural phenomena through diverse practices, belief systems and wisdom traditions. Are we then not all children of God? Boogeymen Tin Foil Hats To me it seems only logical that spiritually aware people, who are sincerely seeking enlightenment in their lifetime, would automatically and enthusiastically want to include the wonders of science and technology in their quest for the truth? The desire to gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Universe, and of divinity and higher consciousness, surely must also consider the wonders and miracles to be found in the natural world. Why then are some of the so-called ‘enlightened’ among us still choosing to wear their boogeymen tin foil hats? Of course, it is also true that science has on many occasions been abused for corrupt and destructive purposes. One of the most disgraceful examples of this is how the original curiosity of a small group of nuclear physicists, to better understand the ultimate nature of matter, was eventually perverted to create the deadliest weapon of war. Let us also not forget the inhumane cruelties and other abuses certain practitioners of science continue to inflict on vulnerable people, the animal kingdom and the natural world. Indeed, not all practical applications of science have always had the best interests of all God's creatures at heart, nor has every scientist in history had the most noble of intentions. Let it be known, that while pure science, and its many wonderful discoveries, is a manifestation of divine providence as a result of sacred inspiration, its prostitution and abuse for the evils of greed, power and political gain is a man-made travesty! These deplorable practices are certainly not of God. Like the arts, science is graciously and generously gifted to us, to make our world a better and safer place. May the karmic heavens therefore have mercy on those who choose to exploit it for any other purpose. Science is a heavenly gift to the people. It does not belong to the merchants, money lenders and Pharisees, who have turned the temple of science into a den of thieves. The Monstrous Evil Of Ingratitude ​ With all that in mind, let us consider the state of our world today, where we now find ourselves in the grip of a terrible global pandemic. As a generation, most of us have never before been exposed to this kind of adversity, and it certainly brought out the best and worst in many of us. In times of trauma and extreme crisis, the true nature of our values, priorities and beliefs do tend to be blatantly exposed. And many of us, including the so-called spiritually aware, have certainly revealed our true colors in recent months. ​Let it be known that while pure science, and its many wonderful discoveries, is a manifestation of divine providence and a result of sacred inspiration, its prostitution for the evils of greed, power and selfish political gain is a man-made travesty. One would think that in such a dire time of stress, fear and anxious uncertainty we would absolutely thank our lucky stars for how far we have progressed with our sciences and technologies! Our ancestors certainly did not have the same kind of luxury during the Black Death of the 1300’s, for example, or the Third Cholera Pandemic of the 1800’s, or even the so-called Spanish Flu of 1918. ​Yet, instead of going on our knees every day to express our gratitude and appreciation for living in such a privileged, easy time of progress, where our scientists are able to develop the necessary medical interventions and will be able to give our normal lives back to us, some among us have instead chosen to invest their precious time and energy in fear-mongering doom prophecies, or spreading of disinformation and conspiracy theories that ridicule medical science, while showing no compassion or consideration for the daily hell our healthcare providers, frontline workers and the frail elderly all over the world currently have to endure.​ The poet Edward-Pickering Rich once wrote that ingratitude is so monstrous and so dark a crime that "none but devils ever practice it.” Well, if you look at our society today, one must wonder if it is truly limited to the devils only? For grotesque ingratitude and privilege these days seem to be the spiritual disease of our time, and it is apparently practiced by many who claim to be spiritual proponents of compassionate, unconditional ‘love and light.’ Frogs And Spiders In The Oil And Cheese It took science centuries to discover and fully understand the invisible world of microbes, infectious disease and epidemiology. Until that breakthrough happened, humanity had to find other ways to explain what was causing all the horrid disease and death during previous plagues and pandemics. Their ignorant speculation of course included all manner of absurd superstition and bizarre beliefs in those dark days. For example, during the Plague of Cyprian, that afflicted the Roman Empire from about AD 249 to 262, it was widely believed that the disease could be contracted simply by looking into the face of someone who was infected. And during the Bubonic Plague, said to be the deadliest pandemic recorded in human history, some people chose to believe it was simply a punishment from God, while others were more ominously convinced it was a secret conspiracy by the Jews against the Christians. According to historian Samuel K. Cohn, a monastery chronicle written at the time of the plague, describes, for example, the “horrible means by which the Jews wished to extinguish all of Christendom, through their poisons of frogs and spiders mixed into oil and cheese.” ​Indeed, these wild beliefs were so rampant at that time that modern historians cannot say for sure if more people died in that period due to the actual plague, or a as result of the persecutions which caused many to be violently massacred. Roy Wentz writes on that “pandemics have long bred prejudice and mistrust, and fueled longstanding biases, as traumatized communities have looked to blame others as unclean or malicious spreaders of disease.” One can accept in retrospect that the blatant and sometimes shocking ignorance and bigotry of our ancestors existed in a time long before the microscope was invented. But, exactly what is our excuse today? Do we not now live in a digital information age, where we are supposed to have easy access to reliable sources of information and global communication? Do we not also live in a time of great scientific understanding and technological achievement? Compared to our superstitious, misguided ancestors, we now live in a miraculous, blessed, privileged time! One can accept in retrospect that the blatant and sometimes shocking scientific ignorance of our ancestors existed in a time long before the microscope was invented. But exactly what is our excuse today? And yet, today, in the year 2020, some of us still see our way clear to primitively indulge in ridiculous conspiracy theories and bizarre ideological rhetoric, ranging from ‘bioengineered viruses masterminded by evil billionaires,’ to ‘genetic mutations induced by 5G cell phone technology.’ ​I mean, how on God’s good earth did the recent miracle of a new vaccine, for a potentially deadly disease, become a ‘black, transgendered, Marxist plot to control the world?’ The mind truly boggles. And the Angels must certainly weep. Could the actual problem be that some of us have become so arrogant and complacent, surrounded by all our plush, modern comforts and our opulent privileges, created in most part, by the way, with the gift of science and technology, that we now find it impossible to accept what those who live in less advantaged parts of our world have come to know as a daily fact of life: that the world we live in is still a primal, untamed place where new infectious diseases, without a known cure, can suddenly spread like wildfire? Have we really become so spoilt and entitled with the blessings of an easy, comfortable life (courtesy of modern science, medicine and technology) that we actually believe the natural evolution of disease has been eradicated by the brilliance of mankind, and that every newly mutated microbe must therefore have been concocted in a laboratory, or a boardroom? ​Diseases have come and gone for millennia. Our ancestors dealt with this reality, generation upon generation since the dawn of time. What then gives some of us the idea today that we have somehow become untouchable to such things, or too 'high and mighty' to succumb to the powers and unpredictable ways of Mother Nature? Have we forgotten that Gaia, the ancestral mother of all life, has always been a force not to be trifled with? Out Of The Darkness, Into The Light Each one of us arrives in this physical world with a soul mission and a life calling. We are all expected to offer our unique legacy and contribution in this lifetime, in return for the privilege of experiencing this thrilling physical adventure. We all have a calling of service to either the spirit realm, our fellow human beings, the animal and plant kingdoms, or the natural environment. And modern science and technology is one of the manifestations of that sacred calling. ​Our scientists and inventors are not the enemy. Many of them are Lightworkers with a sacred mandate from the Divine. Whether both spiritual extremists and skeptical researchers choose to believe it or not, scientists and spiritualists are all simply doing God’s work. And by exploring the workings of the Universe they bring us all a little closer to our true spiritual origins and the loving embrace of God. Divine calls us out of the darkness into the Light. And scientific advancement is a fundamental expression of that sacred calling. Let us for once show some appreciation, gratitude and respect. So, whether we choose to prioritize science or spirituality in our lives, or a combination of the two, I believe it is all the same expression of our innate spiritual mission. We are after all spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are all expressions of Divine Consciousness in human form. ​We were created in the image of God, not to rest on our laurels or be passively stagnant, or much worse regress and deteriorate to ancient levels of ignorance and stupidity. Instead we are meant to expand, evolve, advance, prosper and transcend. God expects it of us. ​Our souls are points of consciousness carrying with it the creative spiritual DNA of the original Creative Force. The Divine calls us out of the darkness, into the Light. And scientific advancement is a fundamental expression of that sacred call. Not only did the Covid-19 pandemic serve as a massive spiritual wake-up call for humanity, but in future it will prove to be the source of marvelous new innovations, great advances in human achievement, and many positive changes in our world. Revolutionary new scientific discoveries and technological innovations that will profoundly enhance the quality of our lives will emerge from this dark time of deep spiritual contrast, just like Isaac Newton discovered the Law of Gravity in quarantine during the Great Plague of London in 1665. I also predict a coming time of much celebration, a zesty new enthusiasm for life, and a renewed vigor and hope for the future. Some of the best years for our generation are still ahead of us, and there is much to look forward to. And we will have divinely inspired science and technology to thank for much of it! So, let us for once show some appreciation, gratitude and respect. In closing, let me just say this. If you are fortunate to live in a developed, first world country, where you will soon have the privilege of choice, and you still prefer not to be vaccinated for Covid-19, the rest of us absolutely respect your decision. However, please be so kind to send your unused vaccine to those of us who live in places where we do not enjoy the same kind of luxury. There are many vulnerable people here in my country, for example, who will welcome with much gratitude and appreciation every vaccine that can be spared. This time of contrast shall separate the wheat from the chaff. The wise will strive to manifest a brave new world, while the foolish and unkind will suffer for their lack of common sense. And when the storm finally subsides, many will wake up on the wrong side of history. Until then choose your beliefs wisely, for they will become your reality. ​ ​© 2020 Anthon St. Maarten ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anthon St. Maarten is an international psychic medium and destiny coach with clients in more than thirty countries spanning five continents. He is also a metaphysics teacher and podcaster, spiritual blogger and author with a special interest in new thought spirituality, metaphysics, sacred sites, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in practice since 2004 and his services are available globally. For more information visit

  • The Spiritual Significance Of A Global Pandemic

    Remember that defining moment recently, when the novel coronavirus finally made its way into your everyday reality? Your spiritual well-being and metaphysical beliefs were probably the last things on your mind. In fact, the spiritual meaning of this pandemic will not be a major consideration for most at this time. But in the dark, difficult days that still lie ahead, the Covid-19 pandemic will increasingly reveal its profound spiritual truths. And in its devastating aftermath, we will have no choice but to acknowledge and embrace its spiritual significance in our post-pandemic reality. When Covid-19 was officially declared a global pandemic, and made its unwelcome way into international news headlines, many people reverted to the ‘first law of nature.’ They responded instinctively with their best personal strategies for self-preservation. Some hysterically stockpiled a lifetime supply of hand sanitizer and toilet paper, while others stubbornly gathered en masse at street festivals, religious gatherings, and even at their nearest beach, despite medical experts and authorities advising against it. Many simply carried on with life ‘as normal’, until they could no longer ignore the writing on the wall. Meanwhile, the least anchored among us, tried to alleviate their overwhelming anxiety and confusion by seeking certainty in fake news, superstition, and the outlandish fearmongering of conspiracy theorists. Some went into hardcore survival mode, compelled by their lack consciousness and a scarcity mentality, while others still continue to choose the path of least resistance: denial. And in-between these polar opposite responses, the best, and worst examples of human behavior continue to surface all over the world. In times of trauma and extreme crisis, the true nature of our values, priorities and beliefs tend to be blatantly exposed. We are clearly not a generation that will be remembered for our personal accountability, spiritual wisdom or metaphysical maturity. Yet, I believe that even the most careless and bizarre responses we have been seeing in our communities are not simply a symptom of people’s ignorance, recklessness, weakness, or selfish egotism. Their conduct is not a result of their lack of humanity, but rather due to their lack of spirituality. For in times of trauma and extreme crisis, the true nature of our values, priorities and beliefs tend to be blatantly exposed. And goodness me...namaste...have some of us been caught with our pants down! Many of the irresponsible actions and peculiar coping strategies we have been witnessing in recent weeks, reveal just how out of touch humanity has become with its true spiritual origins. Many clearly do not realize that they are spiritual beings having a human experience. They do not recognize themselves as divine beings on a sacred soul adventure. They do not understand that they are powerful points of consciousness; expressions of the Divine Source; particles of light in the spectacular daily miracle of life. Many among us have very little, if any sense that there is something greater than themselves that makes our world go round. And they also have no idea how much their every word and deed impacts everyone and everything around them. Until now, that is. As a society we have generally lost our sense of spiritual purpose and meaning. There is a lack of understanding of the metaphysical part we play in the greater scheme of things. As a global community we lack spiritual substance. And this absence of spiritual awareness and inner connection has become glaringly evident in the callous, careless manner we tend to treat each other, as well as our unashamed disregard for all other sentient beings with which we share this planet. ​Our co-created world is currently not a very nice place. We have been increasingly plundering our natural habitat, and poisoning our environment. We have been slavishly following unstable, corrupt leaders, while we worship many false gods and narcissistic idols, and lash out daily at each other on social media. We have created a manic world nauseous with the pursuit of personal pleasure and material wealth, while our discontent souls have been increasingly suffocating in the arid wasteland of our spiritual deprivation. We are clearly not a generation that will be remembered for our personal accountability, spiritual wisdom or metaphysical maturity. A Show-Stopping Pattern Interrupt Is it therefore any wonder that the time had finally come for a major change, a colossal shift, a profound reawakening, a global step back? And the novel coronavirus has delivered exactly that to us, in no uncertain terms: a show-stopping pattern interrupt that will forever change our worldview! Covid-19 is so much more than just a nasty new disease, a scientific anomaly, a tragic twist of fate, or an everyday inconvenience for those who still believe all of this is just an ‘overblown hoax.'’ ​Spirit can only communicate with us on our current level of understanding, and our spiritual habits at that time will determine what the format will be. So, at this time in human history, the Divine apparently had no other option but to sternly address us as a collective, in a way that none of us could willingly ignore, or completely disregard. For the first time, in a very long time, the Divine has now intervened on a global scale. While in our arrogance we were busily building our 'towers of Babel,' the Big Computer in the Sky decided it was time to hit a global reset button we did not even know existed. The time had come for a total reboot. And in truth, it is what we all have been asking for with our thoughts, words and deeds... what we have been setting an intention for. For we are the creators of our own reality experience and co-creators of our global reality. And when we ask, it is always given, but not always in a way we might expect or anticipate. Many of us wanted drastic change in our world, and now it has finally arrived. Does this mean the pandemic is a stern ‘act of God’ to punish mankind for its spiritual barrenness? No, definitely not. For only contrast is of Spirit. Suffering at the hand of an ‘angry god’ is a man-made notion. The Divine does not chastise or rebuke, it guides and teaches for the greater good. ​The shadows of life add spiritual depth and dimension to our human journey, like route-markers along our path. But these times of adversity are never intended to dominate our life with darkness, neither do they determine our ultimate destiny. What we learn from these contrasting experiences is all that truly matters in the end. The Surprise Element Of Divine Intervention Very few appear to have had the privilege of much foresight in the arrival of this pandemic, and as usual the voices of those who predicted it were largely ignored. But the ‘surprise element’ is to be expected when there is to be divine intervention on a global scale. The great equalizer indeed. ​The closest I personally came to any sense of what was coming, were the repeated messages of caution I had lately been channeling for many of my clients during consultations - especially for those who are business owners, entrepreneurs and investors. I warned them to get their affairs in order, for the global economy was heading for another major downturn. Since late 2018, I had been increasingly having the premonition that there would be another major economic recession in the foreseeable future, similar to the financial crisis we experienced a decade ago, possibly even worse. But this time the financial industry, banks, hedge funds and mortgages would not be the root cause. ​Some of my clients were not amused when I warned them of this. And when they asked me why this would happen, my sense was always that the cause would be somehow political in nature. I suspected we might be heading for a major war, or possibly some sort of civil unrest or upheaval. The fact that it might actually be due to a new viral disease was not revealed to me at the time. Today, I understand why. ​In my personal life, I at least had the privilege of some foresight, when spirit began to encourage me to prepare myself many weeks ago, which made it possible for me to go into voluntary self-isolation two weeks prior to authorities announcing an official lockdown in my country. Of course, I might add that as a highly sensitive empath, I have been practicing social distancing for most of my life anyway, which helped me to adapt quite easily to being in so-called ‘self-quarantine.’ In that sense it has been pretty much 'business as usual' for me. While in our self-absorbed arrogance we were eagerly building our towers of Babel, the Big Computer in the Sky decided to hit a global reset button we did not even know existed. Interestingly, in recent weeks I have also become intensely aware of the increased presence of the collective energy of many departed family members around me, more so than at any other time in my life. If you are experiencing the same at the moment, know that they are here at this time to support, guide and protect us. It reminds me of the words of Linda Hogan, "Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands." So, while many people were rushing around to stock up on essentials in recent weeks, or getting their affairs in order at home and the office, I had already settled into my ‘new normal,’ and could begin to focus more of my time and energy on my spiritual practice, as well as being of continued service to my clients all over the world. Courtesy of my self-imposed lockdown, I had the luxury of spending more time than usual in daily meditation, and continue to do so. I have been doing this mainly for the purpose of channeling information, because I feel it my duty as a lightworker to gain a greater understanding and spiritual insight into what is currently happening in our world. ​ So, what are the spiritual lessons this global pandemic is delivering to us? Well, the following is what Spirit has revealed to me so far: Brave New World, Bright New Future ​Disasters and crises have always been ruthless, yet very effective spiritual teachers. There are many spiritual life lessons to be learned at this time, which will be much needed when begin to rebuild our post-pandemic world. First, let me reassure you that we will recover from this crisis. This too shall pass, but our world will never quite be the same again. And although it will be somewhat different in many respects, it will definitely also be better. Please know that there is much method in all the current madness. Blessed are they who will grow to understand the spiritual significance of this global pandemic, and awaken to its messages of universal truth. For they will be the spiritual warriors of a brave new world; the wayshowers to a brighter future; the architects of an improved civilization. The Spiritual Necessity Of Deep Contrast Covid-19 is reminding us that one of the principle spiritual forces that governs our human journey is the notion of ‘contrast.’ In the book of Genesis, for example, night and day was created first and foremost, before anything else. Similarly, the black and white duality of the Yin and Yang symbol in ancient Chinese philosophy represents this immutable Universal Law of Polarity. Contrast is the basis of our physical life experience. A shining light has no purpose when there is no darkness to define its brilliance. Life will always have its ups and downs. These experiences of contrast is what we knowingly signed up for before we arrived on the planet. We knew before we came that we would face both love and fear, prosperity and hardship, abundance and deprivation, joy and suffering, wellness and dis-ease. Without the balancing properties of contrast our human journey would actually be a monotone, uninspiring affair that will not ignite within us the desire to achieve, discover and expand as spiritual beings in human form. Extreme darkness rekindles the radiant flame of the human spirit. Know that once this bitter cup has finally passed, our world will be a much better place. ​Indeed, much grief, despair and suffering will ultimately result from the ravages of this global epidemic. Everyone’s life will be touched in some way, and we will face challenges we never before imagined possible. But in time, much good will come from all of it. The light at the end of this tunnel is much brighter than many will be able to see at this time. Many are saying that our lives ‘will never be the same’ after this, but what they fail to also add is that our lives will be better than it has been before. Deep contrast is the birthplace of great innovation and reinvention. It is the catalyst for miraculous healing, and the inspiration for crystal clarity of what we truly desire as co-creators. Extreme darkness rekindles the radiant flame of the human spirit. Know that once this bitter cup has finally passed, our world will be a much better place for it. In the happier, healthier days yet to come, we will turn the dark tears of this uncertain time into many precious pearls of wisdom. We shall find many unexpected blessings in this curse, for years to come. The Simple Joys Of Gratitude At the very least this pandemic will teach us to revere and appreciate life more. It will show us what it means to be truly mindful and present in the now, and how to savor the sweet nectar of even the most ordinary moments. We will find a new appreciation for the simple joys of life, while it exposes our attachment to meaningless material things and superficial pursuits. Many of us will learn that even the most dedicated spiritual practice is meaningless when we are controlled by our daily obsessions and the things we own. For where our treasure is, there also is our heart. ​Instead of constantly yearning for something bigger and better, despite everything they already have, many will now discover for the first time the true meaning of gratitude, and realize that it is in fact the antidote to the emptiness and discontent in their daily lives. No matter what, or how little we may have, there are always many awesome things to be thankful for. Sadly, the only time we usually recognize these gifts in our life, is when a major change in our life circumstances forces us to take another hard look, and count all of our blessings for a change. The Oneness In Our Separation Covid-19 is the great equalizer that does not care who you are, or where you are from. It does not choose to infect only certain humans, based on their religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, level of education, or material wealth. It does not observe title, success or status. It is coming for all of us in some way, even those who may not experience any symptoms, as well as those who may never become infected at all. In the end it will impact all our lives: socially, culturally, and most of all economically. Nobody will be immune to its future impact. The coronavirus pandemic is a sobering reminder of the Universal Law of Divine Oneness. There is a reason why the Golden Rule of ‘treating others as you want to be treated,’ is a prevalent concept in most world religions and spiritual traditions. We are all connected. We are one. And we cannot escape our responsibility towards each other, even in this time of increased social isolation and unprecedented physical separation. For until we all learn to think more universally, instead of separately, there will never be a brighter future for any of us. We are not living among each other; we are living through each other. For the truth is that our world has become what each one of us have chosen it to be. The co-created world we live in is a collective product of all the thoughts, ideas, opinions, attitudes, values, choices, decisions, and actions each and every one of us have brought to the table. ​Our every thought and action affects the thoughts and actions of every other person in our world. Our dysfunctional world is not the product of just one person. Not one of us has the right to say, “I am good, I am kind, I am mindful, I am too cool for school! The state of our world is not my fault, or my problem.” The truth is, we all share in a co-created reality that is only as strong as its weakest members, and whether we like it or not, we are indeed each other’s keepers. ​The sooner more of us will contemplate the Oneness of our being and the connectedness of everything in our Universe, the sooner we will be able to manifest a better world for all. Understanding our universal connection, and our responsibility to one another, is the only way we will ever know lasting joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment in this world. For even the most sheltered and fortunate among us, will at some point suffer the loss of luxury, privilege or liberty due to our attitude of disconnect. Until we all learn to think more universally, instead of separately, there will never be a brighter future for any of us, much less for our children. ​There is no such thing as the ‘personal good,’ there is only the greater good, and the highest good for all. The same pain, fear, love and joy that runs through your veins, runs through everyone else's in this world. And the current impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is concrete, undeniable evidence of this universal spiritual truth. May this new virus teach us new patterns of thinking about how we impact each other. May it force us to reconsider our place and our role in society. May it teach us new levels of kindness, compassion and charity. For we are not living among each other; we are living through each other. Blessed Are The Mindful Blessed are the mindful and the spiritually aware in these traumatic times, for they will be calm and flexible in the darkest of days. Their spirituality will be an indispensable compass, and anchor during this pandemic. For to make the most of our journey in this lifetime, and to fulfill our true destiny as spiritual beings, we must be able to trust in our divine power to adapt and transcend. Our inner core of divine connection is what keeps us grounded, centered and serene when the world around us seems to be falling apart. As this pandemic rages on, the spiritually faithful will be savoring the rewards of their continued devotion to their inner divinity and higher consciousness. It is in times like these that our spiritual practice makes all the difference. The same will not hold true for those who have been neglecting the inner world, and the Great Beyond. Those who no longer believe, or have never believed in anything, will have much less to hold on to, and very little to keep them grounded. Tragically, they have become so caught up in the trappings of their material reality, that they no longer feel connected to anything greater than themselves. And for them this will not be an easy time. Whatever your spiritual beliefs or religious convictions may, or may not be, the Covid-19 pandemic will be an undeniable spiritual wake-up call for all of us. It is reminding us that life is short, precious and sometimes full of uncertainty. And if the rampage of the coronavirus does not get your spiritual attention, I’m not sure what will. For typically we tend to only reach out to Spirit in times of unbearable or unforeseen life events. And this time we truly are in serious trouble! ​Nothing sparks a renewed interest in our spiritual beliefs quite like a global disaster. The spiritually careless among us will be forced to take another look at the face of God during this crisis. Even the most skeptical and atheistic among us will have to somehow contemplate their values, opinions and beliefs about the nature and meaning of their existence. Mind, body and soul…none of us will emerge from the current mayhem unscathed. The Global Vision Quest There is a rite of passage in traditional shamanism known as a vision quest. It requires the seeker to spend a significant period of time alone in nature, often without food, water, or shelter, until he receives a vision for his life’s purpose from the Great Spirit. During his time of isolation and deprivation, the initiate is forced to face his deepest fears and insecurities, and must strive to gain greater clarity about the meaning and purpose of life. The Covid-19 pandemic will indeed be such a ‘vision quest’ for many of us. The Covid-19 pandemic brings us many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine and a general slowdown, are creating a unique opportunity to 'amp up' our daily spiritual practice, and rekindle our relationship with our Higher Self, Spirit, Source, God, the Divine. Nothing gets in the way of love​. Generosity of spirit empowers us to perform miracles and wonders. The disruption of our normal routine and the suffering of loss, offers us a period of divine grace to truly reconsider our core morals, values and beliefs, as well as the meaning and purpose of our lives. Make the most of this window of opportunity, for it is a period of divine grace. ​Idle days spent in isolation will teach us many valuable lessons about the true meaning of love, compassion, kindness, humility, integrity, faith, hope, courage, perseverance, and especially forgiveness. Some will experience intense grief and bereavement that will rekindle their faith in this time, or cause them to find new purpose in their lives, while others will simply lose their innocence or complacency. Most of all this crisis will reveal to us the true meaning and value of service. For we all share only one common purpose or calling in this life, and that is to be of service. Service to each other, to the fauna and flora of our planet, to the natural environment, and to Spirit. May this global crisis teach us to give to others in the same way that others have given to us. May we all discover new ways to make the world a better place. May we also learn that nothing gets in the way of love, and that generosity of spirit empowers us to perform miracles and wonders. ​Everything we experience in life has a spiritual significance. No event or circumstance is ever random, arbitrary, or a coincidence. Every moment matters. And right now humankind is going through a significant moment; a collective spiritual growth spurt; a period of deep contrast; a profound metaphysical realignment; a dark night of the soul; a great global awakening. How we will recover and heal from this pandemic as a collective, and how we will apply the spiritual truths it has so unpleasantly delivered to us, remains to be seen. Visualize The Cure, Not The Calamity Meanwhile, wherever you a may be the in the world, know that you are never alone. We are all in this together, and Spirit always has your back, even in the most desperate moments when everything seems hopeless. During the difficult days ahead, do not believe all the dysfunctional noise and fearmongering. Those anxious, hysterical voices are only out there because they do not have a spiritual practice or inner compass, and they currently have a lot of idle time to broadcast their fake news and toxic negativity. The rest of us are too busy with real efforts to stay safe, support each other and help the world heal from the true effects of this pandemic. How do we heal our world, and return to the 'new and improved' normal? The answer is simple. Pray. Meditate. Fantasize. Imagine. Daydream. Visualize. Every day. Set an intention for science and technology to manifest the necessary treatments and interventions soon, instead of obsessing over who is to blame, or getting caught up in self-pity, conspiracy theories, conflict, lack consciousness, or a scarcity mentality. What we focus on is what will become our reality, and we now need all hands on deck. If more of us confidently intend the manifestation of the solution, instead of debating the problem, we will reach critical mass and tip the scale much sooner! There is no future in the past, and fearful worrying is just a way to create more of what we do not want. Visualize the cure, not the calamity. It is my prediction that, once our collective consciousness has gained critical momentum, divinely inspired medical science and technology shall find the prevention and cure. ​No matter how this new virus may impact your life, always remember that you are a divine being, and creator of your own reality experience. Don’t give away your power to anyone or anything. And to take back your power in any given situation, begin by focusing on the things you can control - the thoughts you choose to think is usually the best place to start! We exist in a co-created reality, in which we cannot always choose all our circumstances. But how we think and feel about any given situation is always our choice. Life is not always easy, or fair, and contrast is a necessary part of our spiritual journey in this lifetime. But fear, self-pity, or feeling defeated, is not the way to deal with it. Stay strong and move forward one day at a time. This too shall pass. ​​© 2020 Anthon St. Maarten ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anthon St. Maarten is an international psychic medium and destiny coach with clients in more than thirty countries spanning five continents. He is also a metaphysics teacher and podcaster, spiritual blogger and author with a special interest in new thought spirituality, metaphysics, sacred sites, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in practice since 2004 and his services are available globally. For more information visit

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    Explore The Future. Know The Truth. Change Your Life. PSYCHIC READING Receive metaphysical information and spiritual insight into your past, present and future. Access divine guidance and prophetic wisdom for self-empowerment, personal growth and soul alignment. ​ DESTINY COACHING Reach beyond the confines of standard life coaching and live your life by metaphysical design. Identify your life purpose, change your future, achieve personal fulfillment and attract lasting success and happiness. ​ MEDIUMSHIP READING Spirit communication and afterlife validation from loved ones who have crossed to the other side. Receive healing and uplifting messages from spirit to gain a better understanding of your destiny and spiritual path. ​ Reach out to him for a true experience Anthon has a true gift and I have never had anyone be so accurate in all the time I’ve been on this planet. Not only is he a gifted medium but you can tell he has a beautiful heart. He gave me information to help me move forward in my life to complete my calling powerfully and help me realize where I am stuck. I lost my mom six months ago and was able to communicate with her and my dad in a way that I know it truly was both of them. I urge you to reach out to him for a true experience. Tanya Newbould-Del Pozzo 11/14/2018 Best Psychic Directory MORE TESTIMONIALS PHONE READING Get a reading on your landline or mobile phone. You receive a call on the number you provide so there is no additional call costs. SKYPE READING Get a reading using Skype™ and your computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is a headphone or earphones with a mic. READING PACKAGE Get a series of readings scheduled in advance with priority access at a special discount rate. Ideal for regular clients or coaching sessions. EMERGENCY READING Your life in crisis? Get an urgent reading in times of chaos, turmoil or indecision. No need to wait, just schedule an emergency session. Manifesting Miracles In Dark And Difficult Times Don’t assume the magic must stop when the going gets tough. The dark, difficult times are make-or-break opportunities to manifest miracles. The Sacred Gift Of Science And Technology All science is divinely inspired, a miraculous gift, an act of providence. Why are some still choosing to wear their ‘tin foil hats?' The Spiritual Significance Of A Global Pandemic In the dark, difficult days ahead, the Covid-19 pandemic will increasingly reveal its profound spiritual truths and lessons for the future. BUSINESS READING Psychic insight and metaphysical advice for entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners, managers and professionals. Extrasensory support and spiritual guidance in various aspects of career, finances, investment and business. ANNUAL FORECAST Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or the New Year with a preview of the year ahead. Discover some of the highs and lows that may be coming your way in the next four seasons. Make wise choices and avoid unnecessary negative outcomes. RELATIONSHIP READING Discover the truth about your current partner and the future of your relationship. Release past traumas and break the cycle of failed relationships. Find your way to your predestined soulmate. Manifest the love of your life. Follow Anthon Follow Anthon's social media for daily inspiration, spiritual upliftment and good news only . Join The VIP List Subscribe to the mailing list for updates, special events, exclusive offers and secret discounts.

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    About Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium BIOGRAPHY Anthon St. Maarten is an international psychic medium, spiritual advisor and destiny coach offering readings full-time since 2004. He is also a metaphysics teacher, podcaster blogger and author. PSYCHIC ABILITIES Anthon perceives psychic information or 'reads energy data' using all the known pathways of extrasensory perception (ESP) more commonly known as the 'clair senses' or psychic sensing. PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP Anthon is both a psychic and a medium, which means he is able to perceive extrasensory information, as well as messages from the spirit realm and metaphysical data from the akasha . ANTHON'S STORY Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium, which means he was born with psychic abilities, but he initially refused to accept his calling. It took a series of life-changing events to change his mind.

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