Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium

Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium & Destiny Coach

Anthon St. Maarten is an international psychic medium, spiritual advisor and destiny coach offering readings full-time since 2004. He is also a metaphysics teacher, podcaster blogger and author.

Anthon perceives psychic information or 'reads energy data' using all the known pathways of extrasensory perception (ESP) more commonly known as the 'clair senses' or psychic sensing. 

Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Mediumship

Anthon is both a psychic and a medium, which means he is able to perceive extrasensory information, as well as messages from the spirit realm and metaphysical data from the akasha.

Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium, which means he was born with psychic abilities, but he initially refused to accept his calling. It took a series of life-changing events to change his mind.