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Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium

Package FAQ

  • What is a psychic reading?
    Psychic channeling or 'reading' is the perception of metaphysical information or 'energy data' regarding your past, present and future. Known in parapsychology and psi research as extrasensory perception (ESP), and colloquially as 'psychic sensing' or 'clair sensing,' energy information about your life is channeled or 'read' to offer you metaphysical insight, spiritual guidance and healing, as well as the prediction of current probabilities and future potentials. True psychic reading is not fortune-telling. Fortune-telling is a myth, because we don't have a 'fortune.' We are not passive victims of a pre-destined fate like puppets or robots acting out a prescripted play. We shape our own destiny every day through our free will choices, decisions and actions. The value and success of a psychic reading is measured by the wisdom, insight and upliftment it brings you and not merely predictions or forecasts. A psychic reading is not just about career opportunities, good fortune, or meeting 'tall, dark strangers.' It is a sacred portal to manifesting your true destiny. You should also never live your life solely by what is revealed during a psychic reading, but rather use the information as a guideline and inspiration to better shape your future and live your best life.
  • What is a mediumship reading?
    Mediumship is the psychic channeling or 'reading' process whereby a human medium or channel communicates with one or more discarnate spirit beings, energies, or personalities. Mediumship is a joint effort between the medium in the physical world and a spirit energy or entity in the spirit realm, who is the actual communicator. The medium is merely the 'messenger' who conveys the spirit communication. The main feature of a typical mediumship reading is to receive afterlife validation and evidence that our consciousness continues beyond this life. Authentic mediumship seeks to validate, console, heal, support and uplift, and delivers divine wisdom and life guidance courtesy of your departed loved ones, ancestors, and soul family.
  • What is destiny coaching?
    Destiny coaching combines life coaching with spiritual guidance and metaphysical insight to empower you to live your life by divine design. It goes beyond the confines of standard life coaching to help you create, attract and manifest the lifestyle, career, business, relationship and family life you desire and deserve. Destiny coaching is therefore a more complete mind-body-soul alternative to traditional life coaching, infused with personalized spiritual guidance and powerful metaphysical strategies to ensure greater success in transforming your life. It can help you uncover your true destiny, recalibrate your soul alignment, identify your soul purpose and life calling, kick your inner guidance system back into gear, manifest personal healing, achieve happiness and fulfillment, and attract lasting success, abundance and prosperity.
  • Can I get an in-person reading at your home or office?
    I no longer offer in-person readings to local clients due to a demanding schedule and a predominantly international clientele. New clients are invited to make use of my Phone or Skype reading service.
  • Are in-person readings not better than remote readings?
    There is no significant difference between a remote reading and in-person reading. Authentic psychic reading is a metaphysical or supernatural process that does not need you to be physically present in the room with the reader. The metaphysical information or 'energy data' that psychics and mediums 'reads' is not coming directly from you, but is instead channeled from the universal consciousness (also known as the unified field, astral planes, the matrix, spirit realm, or akashic records). The channeled information in a reading is therefore not derived from the physical world because it is: nonlocal (not limited to a specific time and place) omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time) omniscient (it is infinite, all-knowing, all-wise, and all-seeing) universal (it is applicable and accessible anywhere and everywhere by anyone and anything) The only advantage of in-person readings may be that it possibly adds a more intimate, social atmosphere to a reading session. In-person consultations are also useful for some psychic specialties, such as psychometric work (reading energy through physical touch or holiding an object that belongs to the person). On the other hand, remote readings by phone, text or email can actually have the advantage of being more pure, untainted and accurate, since the psychic or medium is less likely to be influenced or distracted by the client's body language, facial expressions, or physical appearance. Many clients also find remote readings more comfortable and less intimidating, since it is more discreet and impersonal.
  • Can I get an email reading?
    I no longer offer email readings, as they are too time-consuming and labor-intensive to accommodate in my busy schedule. They are simply not practical. You are invited to make use of one of my phone or Skype reading service instead.
  • Can I email you after my reading to ask follow-up questions?
    Much as I would love to my schedule does not allow me the luxury to be in on-going correspondence with clients. I am always generous with my time and energy during readings. Please be respectful and considerate, and do not take advantage of my generosity.
  • Are your services available on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten?
    I have no personal connection whatsoever with the island of St. Maarten. I was not born there, and I do not live or work there. In fact, I have never been there.
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