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Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium

Psychic Reading


Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium

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What Is Psychic Reading?

Psychic channeling or 'reading' is the supernatural perception of metaphysical information or 'energy data' regarding your past, present and future.


Known in parapsychology and psi research as extrasensory perception (ESP), and colloquially as psychic sensing or clairsensing, your energy information is 'channeled' or 'read' to offer you spiritual guidance, metaphysical insight, energy healing, as well as the prediction of current probabilities and future potentials.

The purpose of a psychic reading is to:


  • guide and support you in making the best possible life choices

  • improve your quality of life

  • enhance your personal fulfillment

  • inspire, enlighten, heal, and uplift your mind, body and soul

  • assist you in releasing the past

  • increase your abundance, prosperity, joy and happiness

  • ensure your soul purpose alignment and spiritual growth

  • promotes spiritual self-empowerment

  • help you avoid unnecessary negative events and outcomes in your future.

Psychic Reading Is Not Fortune-Telling

An authentic psychic reading is not fortune-telling. Fortune-telling is in fact a myth, because nobody can tell your fortune, because you don't have a 'fortune.' You are not a victim of a pre-destined fate or luck like a puppet or a robot in scripted play. Instead, you are the shaper of your own destiny. You create your own 'fortune' every day through your free will choices, decisions, thoughts, wishes, desires, passions, imaginings, and beliefs.

  • Discover your destiny, explore the future, know the truth, find real answers and change your life.

  • Spiritual guidance and prophetic insight into your past, present and future.

  • Metaphysical troubleshooting and inspirational problem-solving for self-empowerment and personal fulfillment.

Consultation Fees

Standard Session

$150.00 (30 min)
$190.00 (45 min)
$230.00 (60 min)
$290.00 (90 min)

Emergency Session

$320 (30 min)
$490 (60 min)

Session Packages

$380.00​ (2 x 60 min)
$680.00 (4 x 60 min)
$900.00 (6 x 60 min)

How To Book

​To get a reading simply visit the booking page and schedule an appointment online. It is quick and easy! Once you have selected a date and time, you will automatically be redirected to PayPal for secure payment. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment.

Help & FAQ's

For more information about readings, booking and payment, and other services visit

Help & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

At times there are indeed events and outcomes in our lives that are predestined, or subject to divine intervention, but these predetermined life events are far less common than many people believe. Only a very small percentage of major life events we might encounter in our lifetime are truly beyond our free will choice or control. For the most part we create our own reality experience and shape our own destiny on a daily basis. Our future is never set in stone and our 'fate' is fluid and mostly dependent on our own free will.

Psychic Prediction & Destiny Forecasting

Do I predict the future in readings? Yes, definitely, but a genuine psychic reading reveals only probabilities and contingencies. It offers a 'snapshot' assessment of where you have been, where you are now, as well as a forecast of the plausibility or likelihood of future outcomes, should you choose to stay on the current path, as well as future potentials open to you should you choose to change focus or direction.


You have free will in most aspects of your life journey and can usually change most predicted outcomes. A psychic reading predicts what can happen depending on the various directions you may choose in life, but ultimately it is up to you to choose the best path to manifest your destiny. A psychic reading helps you identify which path may be best. If you are not satisfied with the predicted outcomes currently visible on your horizon, then a psychic reading can assist you in changing that probablity by shifting to another potential outcome open to you, and thus you can create a new destiny!


Unlike stereotypical fortune-telling, psychic reading is also not about tragedy, misfortune, and doom prophecies. A genuine psychic reading never predicts unavoidable tragedy, disease and death. Every psychic prediction you receive during an authentic reading will always be accompanied by spiritual guidance and metaphysical insight. Even in 'worst case' scenarios you should always be offered a spiritual explanation of why a certain predestined outcome has happened, or appear to be inevitable in your life.


The value or success of any psychic reading should be measured by the wisdom, insight and upliftment it brings you and not merely the predictions and forecasts. A psychic reading is not just about career opportunities, good fortune or 'meeting tall, dark strangers.' It is a sacred portal to manifesting your true destiny. You should also never live your life solely by what is revealed during a psychic reading, but rather use the information as a guideline and inspiration to improve your life and shape your future.

Phone Psychic Reading

Get a reading on your landline or mobile phone. You receive a call on the number you provide so there is no additional call costs.

Skype Psychic Reading

Get a reading using Skype™ and your computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is a headphone or earphones with a mic.

Psychic Reading Package

Get a series of readings scheduled in advance with priority access at a special discount rate. Ideal for regular clients or coaching sessions.

Emergency Psychic Reading

Your life in crisis? Get an urgent reading in times of chaos, turmoil or indecision. No need to wait, just schedule an emergency session.

Remote Psychic Connection

How Do Psychics Connect Long Distance?

Psychic reading or channeling is not like a ‘tin can phone’ kids use to talk to each other remotely, nor is it an old-fashioned internet dial-up connection, with a copper wire line connecting a home computer to a server in the next city. True psychic perception is not such a simplistic, linear ‘connection' or 'transfer.'

Instead, psychic reading is more like ‘connecting to wi-fi,’ or ‘tuning in to radio waves.’ Radio waves are everywhere and ever-present, but we only hear the music for a particular station once we tune in to its unique bandwidth or frequency. The 'energy data' or metaphysical information that psychics and mediums channel is nonlocal, omnipresent, omniscient, and universal. It exists all around us, as it is ‘embedded’ in the expanded field, plane, or matrix of universal consciousness

Psychic Business & Finance Reading

Psychic insight and metaphysical advice for entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners, managers and professionals. Extrasensory support and spiritual guidance in various aspects of career, finances, investment and business.

Future Forecast Reading

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or the New Year with a preview of the year ahead. Discover some of the highs and lows that may be coming your way in the next four seasons. Make wise choices and avoid unnecessary negative outcomes.

Love, Relationship & Soulmate Psychic Reading

Discover the truth about your current partner and the future of your relationship. Release past traumas and break the cycle of failed relationships. Find your way to your predestined soulmate. Manifest the love of your life.

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