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Clairempathy – Being A Psychic Surrogate

The psychic ability of clairempathy, often erroneously referred to as 'empathy,' is described by some spiritual seekers and experts as the true or ultimate ‘sixth sense’. Psychics with this gift of extra sensory perception (ESP) have the capacity to act as emotional, and even medical surrogates for others, and can therefore directly experience what others are feeling emotionally, or physically.

It is different from normal empathy. Clairempathy is a psychic ability; normal empathy is not. In order to clearly define clairempathy, a distinction should be made between being empathetic as opposed to being empathic. There is also a difference between being an empathetic person, and actually being a psychic empath. Empathy is associated with the concept of sympathy, and it is a conscious and normal human trait we all possess. In fact, science discovered that we have mirror neurons in our brain, which may explain our ability to imitate each other and imagine how others feel.

Most people have this natural tendency towards empathy, especially if they were appropriately socialized by their parents, and can therefore identify or sympathize with the feelings and pain experienced by others. This is known as being empathetic towards others.

An empath is capable of taking on the grief of another in order to lessen their suffering. In order to not be consumed with pain, the empath should have an outlet for that pain lest they lose themselves in feeling for others ~ Donna Lynn Hope

However, to be an empath or have an empathic nature is something very different. Empaths are capable of energetically perceiving or sensing the emotions of others through a form of extra-sensory perception known as clairempathy.

Empaths are extremely sensitive to emotional and somatic energy. They often also feel a sense of duty to be of service to others, to heal the suffering of mankind and make the world a better and safer place. Empaths are often stunned by the cruelty or callousness of humanity.

The Unconscious Empath

Empaths are often unconscious of their empathic nature, and in these cases they are usually unable to understand why they experience unpleasant medical symptoms, or feel overwhelmed by inexplicable and extreme emotions. This can cause them much discomfort and anguish, until they are awakened to their true empathic nature. Empaths need special self-care skills and psychic protection techniques to successfully manage their empathic nature and shield themselves from psychic overload. The awakened or skilled empath knows how to maintain spiritual boundaries, replenish energy and clear unwanted negative energy from their auric field.

What Is Clairempathy?

Clairempathy is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP), also known as a 'clair sense' or 'psychic sense.' It is the paranormal ability to clearly and directly experience other people’s emotions, thoughts and symptoms, as if they were your own. It is the awareness or perception of emotional energy. It is very different from normal human empathy, which involves the conscious observation and interpretation of another’s person feelings.

Empaths do not perceive emotional energy through the use of their normal five senses. The empath experiences emotions and symptoms beyond the ‘normal’ range of perception. Clairempathy is therefore a ’supernatural’ ability to feel what others feel, and to clearly read the energy vibrations of people, places, animals or objects. It is therefore a paranormal or extrasensory ‘form of empathy’, because it does not rely on normal sensory clues, such as seeing another person cry, or picking up on someone’s body language or hearing the emotional tone of their voice. The empath also does not have to be physically present or in the same place as the other person, nor is there a need to hear, see or touch other people in order to pick up on their emotions or symptoms.

The psychic gift of clairempathy is typically associated with many of the other psychic abilities and skills, especially clairsentience, clairtangency (psychometry) and clairvoyance.

Traits Of An Empath

Empaths usually have some or all of the following traits or characteristics:

1. Tendency to experiencing inexplicable emotions or symptoms not belonging to themselves, especially while out in public. 2. Sudden, dramatic shifts or changes in emotion, mood or physical energy, especially when in a crowd, or in close physical proximity to other people. 3. Intense awareness of the emotional states and physical well-being of those around them (they can read the ‘atmosphere’ the moment they enter a room, even when blindfolded) 4. Ability to read emotional energy information from objects belonging to someone, as well as energy imprints present in places. 5. Ability to know or comprehend the true intentions and hidden agendas of others. You cannot lie to, or deceive an empath. They always know your true intentions and real feelings. Many empaths can also feel the physical symptoms in others associated with deception and dishonesty, almost like a human polygraph. The empath would feel the liar’s heart rate increase or blood pressure rise, for example. 6. Experience other people’s psychological, physical and other medical ailments and symptoms, including insomnia, fatigue or lethargy, pain, headaches, nausea and vertigo. The empath often feels ’sick’ without actually being ill, and this often occurs at the same time a partner, friend or family member is suffering an ailment with similar symptoms. The empath often experiences this symptom-free version of the illness without being aware of the other person’s condition, only finding out about it after the fact. This also happens with strangers, even people who are on the other side of the planet. 7. A natural ability to heal, often manifesting from a very young age. This often causes other people and animals to gravitate towards them; it is as if some people instinctively feel drawn to spending time in the empath’s personal space. There is often a tendency for them to be sought out by others for advice, assistance or sympathy. Unconscious empaths also tend to be targeted by emotionally insensitive and narcissistic individuals. 8. Overly developed sense of social responsibility and a need to help others, and a natural affinity for the elderly, children, animals and nature.

The traits of the psychic empath are often confused with that of the highly sensitive person (HSP). Note that there is a marked difference between these two phenomena. Although some HSPs may also be psychic, this is not something that should automatically be assumed. © 2010 Anthon St. Maarten


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