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The Daily Sustenance Of Spiritual Practice

Human beings are creatures of habit and therefore it is vital to establish a consistent, daily routine of spiritual practice after your spiritual awakening. Your own set of metaphysical rites and daily rituals will ensure the strength and clarity of your inner guidance system.

Awakening, reconnecting and realigning with the Divine Self is no doubt the most important first step in personal spiritual growth. To rediscover your Higher Self and tap into your Higher Consciousness is usually a very awe-inspiring and life-changing experience. But your new found spiritual awareness and rediscovered Divine origins may soon lose its power to transform your life if you do not adopt a new lifestyle that includes some kind of consistent spiritual practice. ​Divine Living and spiritual practice goes hand in hand.

A Divine Life is impossible to achieve without some form of regular spiritual practice, in order to increase and maintain your connection and alignment with the Divine Self. What you come to know and believe about your own spiritual origins is meaningless, unless you have a direct and personal daily experience of receiving guidance from your inner Divinity.

There isn’t anything except your own life that can be used as ground for your spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is your life, twenty-four hours a day ~ Pema Chodron

The only way to achieve this is to practice your new awareness and beliefs on a daily basis. In our human state we sometimes too easily slide back into old habits, and with the constant onslaught of materialism, misinformation, fear conditioning, scientific skepticism and the distraction of mass entertainment and popular culture, you have a very limited probability of expanding your new found spiritual awareness, unless you engage yourself consciously in some form of habitual and frequent spiritual practice.

Spiritual practices are actions and activities we undertake on a regular basis for the purpose of cultivating spiritual development. There are a plethora of spiritual practices available, both ancient and modern, that you can apply in your own life to sustain your spiritual awareness and Divine connection. Regular spiritual activity will fine-tune your alignment with the Divine Self, improve the clarity of your inner guidance, and consistently nurture and develop your ability to manifest abundance. When undertaking any spiritual practice it is important to bear in mind that we are all different. We all have our own beliefs, temperaments, personalities, interests and personal preferences. Your beliefs and spiritual practices will depend a lot on your personal spiritual journey, your past life experiences, and your karmic quest. Each of us has a unique Life Plan, Soul Purpose and Life Calling to achieve in this lifetime.

A spiritual practice that is ideal for one person’s soul growth may simply not work at all for another. Therefore it is recommended that you seek intuitive guidance from your Divine Self on which practices will best suit your unique needs in this lifetime. Ultimately, it does not matter which practice or discipline you choose, as long as you incorporate it into your daily living and apply it consistently.

Methods Of Spiritual Practice

Your spiritual practice is a matter of personal choice and may include any of the following:

  • Affirmations

  • Astral Travel & Projection

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Ceremonies, Rites & Rituals

  • Channeling

  • Charity & Acts of Kindness

  • Cleansing (Fasting, Energy Clearing, Sage burning, Baptism)

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Dancing

  • Divination (Tarot, Astrology, I Ching, Numerology, Runes)

  • Dreamwork

  • Energy Work

  • Gratitude Journaling

  • Healing Practices (Acupuncture, Reiki, Shiatsu)

  • Past Life Regression

  • Inducing Trance / Altered States of Consciousness

  • Mandala

  • Meditation / Guided Meditation

  • Music (playing, listening to)

  • Physical Activity (Yoga, T’ai chi ch’uan, Aikido)

  • Pilgrimage

  • Prayer

  • Readings (Empathic, Psychic, Mediumship, Akasha, Aura)

  • Religious Worship & Practice

  • Shamanic Practice

  • Singing & Chanting

  • Study & Contemplation

  • Vision Boards

  • Visualization

Excerpt adapted from the book Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny. © 2012 Anthon St Maarten



Anthon St. Maarten is a psychic medium and destiny coach with a global clientele of thought leaders, business executives, celebrities, politicians, academics, and luminaries in the arts and sciences in more than thirty countries spanning five continents.

He is also a metaphysics teacher, psychic development coach, podcaster, and spiritual blogger. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in professional practice since 2004 and a liberal arts post-graduate with a major in psychology.

psychic medium and destiny coach Anthon St. Maarten offers a range of professional psychic reading options, including psychic and mediumship readings, love and relationship guidance, soulmate readings, business and finance readings and annual forecasts and psychic predictions.


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