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Chasing Rainbows In A House Of Mirrors

The state of Divine Disconnect, when you are feeling out of touch, imperfect, inadequate or wanting in your life, is not a reflection of who you really are as a spiritual being. Neither is it some shameful personal defect that requires salvation.

Awakening to spiritual consciousness

Divine Disconnection is in fact a reflection of who you are not, because you have become what you are not. This sense of being disconnected or separated from your Divine Self is not real, it is a distorted phantasm. It is your physical form trying to make sense of the distorted, grotesque image you have of your own Divinity. ​You are seeing yourself reflected in a house of mirrors lined with rows and rows of limiting fears, self-destructive beliefs and false idols. In this state you become cut off from your true Soul Purpose and Life Calling. You are no longer aligned with your Divine Self and you lose your direction and purpose. The anxiety, fear and pain that you then feel is your inner guidance system attempting to nudge you back into the right direction.

Trying to access your inner Divine Being from such a limiting, ill-defined state of mind amounts to the impossible task of chasing rainbows. A mission impossible. A road to nowhere. Instead of chasing an imaginary pot of gold at the end of some man-made rainbow, you have the power to reawaken the flawless Higher Being that you truly are.

No one and nothing outside of you can give you salvation, or free you from the misery. You have to light your own lamp. You have to know the miniature universe that you yourself are ~ Banani Ray

You can be like a transparent, multi-faceted prism that bends, shapes, reflects and transforms the light of Divinity into the spectral colors of a truly blessed reality, filled with wonder, joy and purpose. Once you return to this natural state of being, you will no longer feel the need to go chasing after elusive, earthly rainbows, for you would have unleashed the true, multi-hued rainbow of your intended Divine being. You will then be the rainbow, the true reflection of your Divine origins.

Thomas Troward explains that our spiritual reawakening from the Divine Disconnect is inevitable and will happen as a matter of course at some point in our earthly existence as it was originally intended, whether we are ready or not. He writes, ”The awakening to consciousness of our mysterious interior powers will sooner or later take place, and will result in our using them whether we understand the law of their development or not, just as we already use our physical faculties whether we understand their laws or not." While you remain spiritually asleep, or out of alignment with your original Life Plan, your Divine Self will constantly try to reconnect with you and guide you towards your intended Soul Purpose and Life Calling. You will experience this as an inner sense of urgency, restlessness, longing, sadness or nostalgia. It will feel like missing a loved one you do not know, or being ‘homesick’ for a place you have never been.

Once you become aware of your true spiritual nature and recognize the existence of your inner Divine Being, you will automatically begin to receive the comfort, guidance and assistance to transform your life.

Adapted from the book Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny by Anthon St. Maarten.



Anthon St. Maarten is a psychic medium and destiny coach with a global clientele of thought leaders, business executives, celebrities, politicians, academics, and luminaries in the arts and sciences in more than thirty countries spanning five continents.

He is also a metaphysics teacher, psychic development coach, podcaster, and spiritual blogger. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in professional practice since 2004 and a liberal arts post-graduate with a major in psychology.

psychic medium and destiny coach Anthon St. Maarten offers a range of professional psychic reading options, including psychic and mediumship readings, love and relationship guidance, soulmate readings, business and finance readings and annual forecasts and psychic predictions.


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