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Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium

Testimonials II

Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium

My session with Anthon was nothing short of life-changing


My session with Anthon was nothing short of life-changing. Anthon helped me to connect with Grandma and Grandpa and the joy and peace that this has brought to me and my family is priceless. I have always been a believer, but a session with even the biggest skeptic i think would turn believer. I also had him read me for my love life and he was on point with every single detail. I plan to use what he saw for my future as spiritual guidance. I will be checking in with Anthon again. Do it!

Michelle Jordan


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You gave my family the answers we needed


Not sure if you remember me but Ive had two appointments with you over the last 7 months. Im contacting you to say thank you. Two years ago today at this exact time my niece was fighting for her life. At the young age of 18, she left this world. She came through to you during my first appointment with you in December. I am extremely greatful as you have given my sister, family and I answers to her non-sensical death. Without her story you relayed to us, we would be so much more lost than we are now. Thank you Anthon.





His psychic abilities are truly astounding

I have had a number of readings with Anthon over the last year and he is, by far, the best intuitive I've ever met. His psychic abilities are truly astounding. In our readings, he has accurately read the thoughts of others and predicted future events too many times to count. But, Anthon does not just predict the future, he is also a gifted life coach who uses his knowledge of the future to help you manifest your dreams and guide you onto better paths. And, honestly, that is truly priceless.

Stephanie Alexandre

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He knows things... I wish I listened to him!


I met Anthon almost 2 years ago during a very hard time of my life. I had talked three more psychics until I talked to him. He said exactly opposite things that the rest of the psychics had said to me. I was disappointed, and did not believe that he said since he was not telling what I wanted to hear. I wish I listened him. He is a very intuitive,talented and caring person. His calming voice make you feel calm and he knows things! You will never regret, call him. Thank you for everything.

Ada Idi


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One of the best readings I ever had


Amazingly intuitive. One of the best reading I ever had. I will contact him again.

Linda Kubo

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You truly are god-sent


Dear Anthon, I had a mediumistic consultation with you just over a week ago. Thank you for all your help...something within me has changed since then...I feel happy coupled with a strange sense of lightness. You truly are god-sent. Blessings upon blessings.






I highly recommend him and his wonderful book


It was no accident that I discovered Anthon's book at just the right time on my journey. Anthon did a masterful job of distilling things down to a very readable and practicable presentation on Divine Living. Half way through the book I was moved to reach out to Anthon for a personal consultation into some of my life's most pressing challenges. The gifts that Anthon imparted to me during our session was validation that he is indeed the "real deal"! I highly recommend him and his wonderful book. Well worth it!



To say his book supported me is an understatement


My name is Clare G Turner and I have just finished reading Anthon's book.

I was involved in a very dramatic accident involving a bus on London Bridge at the end of March. It happened a month after returning to performance after 7 years backstage and to unprecedented success. I was extremely fortunate to come out alive, let alone with my foot. The bus, which was a double decker and weighed between 7-12 tonnes went straight over my right foot. In addition, I am a ballet dancer so this extraordinary event has changed my life. However as I said in the first few days in hospital after the accident, however it has changed my life it has changed it for the better.

I found this book while looking for quotes to help me with positive thinking and it was the quote 'it is vital that we turn each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom, and find the blessing in every curse'. Then I dug further and discovered the book.

The accident happened at a time when I couldn't have been stronger, mentally stable and when all my dreams were in my reach. I had said goodbye to my personal demons and started practising mindfulness about 6-8 months prior to the accident.

To say the book has supported me over the last few months is an understatement. I am going to continue in my quest in performance which before the accident was missing something. Now I have a message to deliver and I thank Anthon for nurturing it. I know I am extremely lucky and I aim to be grateful for this gift everyday amongst all the over day to day things I can be grateful for.


I will dance and wear high heals again as many have said but most importantly I believe so and have many visions of me enjoying life this way.

Clare G Turner


An awesome psychic and healer and highly recommended!


Anthon has The Wisdom of The Ages. Not only does he provide practical answers, but he goes deep into the Spiritual, providing insight that will help you to help yourself. During my last reading, I could feel his healing energy then and during the next week. An awesome psychic and healer and highly recommended!

Celine Fleur


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I have zero question about his ability as a clairvoyant psychic


I experienced my second reading with Anthon August 3, 2015. It is always such a soothing experience, for me, being able to share openly, and seek insight and direction for issues that feel too confusing, and convoluted for me to hash out on my own. Anthon's insight, directness, clarity, and attention to detail, is a phenomenal talent he shares very freely, and always with great care and kindness.


For what it's worth, I have zero question about his ability as a clairvoyant psychic. His reading of my energy, past, and present, affirm what i believe to be his solid predictions of what is to come in my future. It is greatly empowering to know where my path could lead, should i choose my authentic self, and make choices attuned to my higher sense of self.


Anthon identifies, and affirms those directions and choices, and adds incredible insight, and advices to aid an assist the journey to be Who We Really Are. I am so wholly excited for the future, and the insights i received with Anthon, and immediately have a renewed sense of self, and purpose, and drive. I am extremely grateful, and will definitely consult with Anthon again.

Aaron M



He identified things about me that others wouldn't know


I recently had a session with Anthon. I had been very stuck, extremely resistant, frustrated and angry when the session began. Anthon was up for the “challenge” though. Within a few minutes, he identified things about me that to others wouldn't know. He is the real deal. He is a straight shooter and said what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. I am so grateful for Anthon because he provided both practical tools and psychic guidance so I would create something different!

Jewel Leonard


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I  was blown away by Anthon from the start


I have had many readings with different psychics. But I was blown away by Anthon from the start. When I booked my reading I left only an overall description of what area in my life I needed some clarity on, but as soon as we made contact he already knew what specific issue I had and was actually describing it to me. When I asked about the future - and I know future is not set in stone, it's a subject to change - he described something that I was actually already working on in my visualizations and affirmations.  By the end of the session my fears had dissolved. This man really has an amazing gift. I just hope he is not planning to quit this job anytime soon - it seems to be my luck that whenever I find something that I really like and something that gets me really excited it goes soon off the market!

Kristel S.




He is truly a seer and clairvoyant


He is really one of the best in the world. I have spoken with him many times and his predictions have always come to pass he is truly a seer and clairvoyant and very quick, very compassionate, friendly and kind always. I love to talk to him and fully trust him. People please find him and talk to him you will never be disappointed. He is an angel from heaven. Thanks sir Anthon we really appreciate your time and help in our life, you are a gifted light in this world.

Chaula Gundavda






Your message was powerful


Thank you so much for your insight. Your message was powerful. It was as if this box had been sitting in front of me for a long while and I had been unable to open it to find the contents within or discover its meaning - and you opened the box and revealed the contents. Now, I just have to put them to good use. I appreciate your help.





Hands down the best psychic medium I've ever been to in my life


Anthon is, hands down, the BEST psychic/medium I've ever been to in my life. I grew up in this world so I've known hundreds. He is truly gifted and he radiates love and healing energy so his filter for the information is extremely pure. On a deeper level, I feel like I also received a healing while he did the reading. He knew specific things about my mom and my brother who recently crossed over that brought me great peace of mind and clarity. I also can't believe how inexpensive he is.

Kristin Prouty


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Your gift continues to surprise and amaze me


Anthon! Thank you just doesn't seem enough. Every time we talk you always know exactly what's on my mind and what I need to hear. Your gift continues to surprise and amaze me. Thanks so much!!!





You delivered what I needed to hear so perfectly


Anthon, I have drafted so many email messages to thank you for the reading you gave me but words are failing me at this point. I am unable to express how much the reading meant to me and how you delivered what I needed to hear so perfectly. You didn't scare me, you explained concepts at detail before telling me what I needed to hear - leaving me in a space of empowerment and an attitude of I can do this! So I would like to thank you and I am truly deeply grateful - you felt like the big brother or father I never had! Thank so much for all the emails and all the resources! I have decided to buy your book after our reading as I want to know more.





I'm in a peaceful place today because of your help


Anthon, thank you so much for your consultation yesterday. You helped me move from a place of feeling stuck but I most appreciate your care and compassion in a way that is uplifting.  Thank you for spending so much time with me as well.  I'm in a peaceful place today because of your help.  I took in the advice you gave me very seriously and have brought my awareness back to my spiritual practice and gratitude.  I'll let you know how things go but already have noticed that my son and I have calmed down with each other and I'm aware now to be persistent with my boundaries while maintaining my love and support. Thank you so much for who you are and the gifts you share.







He is an incredible, gifted psychic


I had my reading Feb 3, 2015 with Anthon St Maarten. He is an incredible, gifted psychic, with a depth to his soul not often seen in a younger man. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. I have a lot to work on yet in this life and he helped me redefine my goals and purpose - all in the most empathic, kindest tone. Thank you for being you!

Mary Stoby


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I was surprised by his ability and how accurate he is


On December 15 2014 I had the pleasure to receive a reading from Anthon St Maarten. The reading started off 5 minutes late, which was great for I was 5 minutes late to. Even the spirits ensured our time would match up. Anthon’s reading was only supposed to be 15 minutes, but turned into 45 minutes long. I was surprised by his ability and how accurate he is. What I really loved about Anthon was his voice, which was like mediating in a calm and peaceful place. Anthon relaxed me emotionally then charged me full of positive energy, which caused me to mediate twice that day were I went somewhere else as soon as I began my mediation.
I will never tell anyone that every psychic is for them. For this is about personalties and were each of us is at spiritually. In closing Anthon was a great help to me and was what I needed at that moment. Second he could have stuck to the alloted time of 15 minutes, yet he went for as long as it needed to benefit me not his own. Now, if you are in need of a psychic, then Anthon St Maarten may be worth contacting based off my experience yet, you will to discover this for yourself.

Charles Blevins


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