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Anthon St. Maarten Psychic Medium

Would highly recommend him to anyone


Thank you Anthon for an amazing reading. I was so amazed by the some of the information he knew about me that I had to ask myself after the reading whether there was any way he could have got access to it! I felt inspired and motivated by his predictions as they were an exact match to what I was already planning for my life. He gave me the confidence to proceed and I certainly plan to contact him again. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Proscovia Wagaba


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He sees beyond the day-to-day questions


Anthon is truly a gifted reader. After my reading today I felt lighter because I now know what to do. He sees beyond the day-to-day questions, and if you are open to it, can help you see beyond the limitations we impose on ourselves. There is work to be done! Thank you so much Anthon. My gratitude is profound.

Celine Fleur






He is an outstanding psychic...I couldn't recommend him more

I can't thank Anthon enough for this mind blowing reading. He is an outstanding psychic with a great down to earth manner. Even 24 hours later the only thing I can say is wow. wow, wow, wow. He is 100% accurate, honest, helpful and friendly. I couldn't recommend him more. I bow to his gift.

Christina Pfeiffer


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It felt like a weight being lifted from my shoulders

It was very nice talking with you yesterday. You have a calming voice and really good intentions. I felt like that a weight being lifted on my shoulders. Please keep your good work, you are one of those exceptional people who really cares for others.







I feel very blessed to have had a reading with Anthon


Thank you Anthon for your generous time and inspired guidance. As usual you exceed my expectations with your insight, integrity and accuracy. I feel very blessed to have had a reading with you. Thank you most of all for the markers along the way. It is inspiring to know that good happenings are on the horizon. Bless you dear heart.

Suzette Drouault

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This man is gifted beyond measure


I had my life-changing reading with Anthon just over a week ago & it's taken me this long to process what happened to me in that 45 minutes. Quite simply, it broke me open; open to the possibility of creating my destiny, open to the fact that Spirit exists - ipso facto so does the Divine, open to the reality that this world is not the only reality, open, to the truth. This man is gifted beyond measure. I was a skeptic & now I'm broken open...God Bless Anthon & his Gift to the world! Thank u!!

Alli Maier


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Accurate, caring and helped me more than any reader or friend has


I'll start by saying, I've waited a long time to talk with Anthon. I've talked with a few readers in my time, yes some where bad, good or great, but this man was stellar!! Not only was he accurate, you can hear in his voice he was super sincere & REALLY cared. He is the first reader to tell me about me...real me. It was like talking with a friend I've known forever sees me slipping & lovingly telling me get back on track cause I'm worth it. The call left me in tears, I called about a man & hung up not concerned about him as much, but more about me. I'm not one to cry nor fall for many tricks...this man is real & lovely. He didn't rush, try to keep me on the phone, Accurate, caring & helped me more than any reader or friend has. Thank you Anthon!

Client 2493293


He is kind, bright and accurate!


I have had the pleasure to speak with Anthon a number of times now, my first reading was a month after my Mom passed away- he brought her, her personality, her love and her words to me - I felt such comfort and gratitude. Since then I have reached out to him to find clarity with my divorce, my children, and my future happiness.. I can not say the words that express properly my feelings towards the talent of this man- he is kind, bright & accurate! Thank you Anthon for caring & helping!

Tania Foster


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He made a somewhat skeptic in me into an avid believer


WOW is what i kept saying! This was my first reading with a professional Psychic and Anthon was more than what i expected. He connected with what was happening to me immediately and was both professional and down to earth in he's approach with me. He made a somewhat skeptic in me into an avid believer. Thank you! You really do have a special gift.

Stacey-lee Saunders


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He knew things that no one couldn't have known


When I started speaking to Anthon, he asked me how he could help me and I told him I wanted to connect with a deceased loved one. He then told me that was all he needed to know. After that everything else he said just blew me away. He knew things that no one couldn't have known. He made me laugh, he made me cry with happiness. He brought me so much clarity. He is genuine. He has a rare gift and I paid for an hour but he took longer jus tot give me clarity. I am so so grateful. He is THAT good.

Jabulile Ngwenya


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I am still in awe of his accuracy and precision


Anthon is a truly gifted psychic and medium. I am still in awe of his accuracy and precision in the reading with him. He communicated with a relative that had passed away suddenly some years ago and was amazingly detailed with facts, events and even names. What is more impressive about Anthon is you immediately get the sense that he truly cares and wants to help you and help those that have passed trying to get through. I feel lucky and blessed to have connected with him. Thank you Anthon!

Tommy Aquinas


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Anthon is a genuine, very accurate and caring psychic


Thank you Anthon for your soothing words and welcomed advice. Anthon is a genuine, very accurate and caring psychic. He is a "gem in the rough" when it comes to psychics. Not only does Anthon give a very accurate reading but he offers guidance in the kindest of ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for your service to man kind!!

Lauren Cheney


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His insights were amazing and very accurate


I had an amazing first reading with Anthon. He addressed several key situations that are currently happening in my life. I came away with a sense of confidence that I am on the right track. Anthon helped me understand that my only road blocks are ones that I create myself. His insights were amazing and very accurate. I am looking forward to seeing how his future predictions for me unfold. Thank you.

Sharon Ring


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I felt such a sense of peace that I haven't felt in so long


Wow...is how I felt after having my reading with Anthon! I told him that I wanted to leave a testimonial because I wanted to share with others who have been searching for a true psychic to help them find one and I've always believed that we should share the blessings that we have in our lives with others. I was blessed to have the opportunity to have the best reading of my life with Anthon. I felt such a sense of peace that I haven't felt in so long, Thank you so much Anthon!

Mee-sha Chan


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He picked up on key details that I have never discussed with anyone


Anthon really gave me a lot to think about in my first readin - especially as I was not expecting him to tell me that going back to Japan would be a good move for me. I also have to admit that he was spot on with everything he said about me. He picked up on key details that I have never discussed with anyone and he did it with humor. I must add that I have been around psychics for a good part of my life, and considering everyone I have known, Anthon is definitely at the top.

Larry Pedersen


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I am highly impressed with Anthon's gift


Anthon is an amazing psychic, a great coach and adviser who brought a lot of meaning back into my life. His reading was exceptionally accurate in terms of facts about my life and perception of my feelings. I am highly impressed with Anthon's gift, he is a very special person and i fully recommend him, you will not be dissapointed. Thank You, Anthon!

Ela Meyer


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Stuff no medium has ever been able to confirm, came through him


Anthon is by far the most professional and gifted psychic medium I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Being a medium and developing medium myself, I have become much more confident in my abilities and know that this is truly to "help" people. Anthon cares about each of his clients, he strives to give the best reading possible. He connected with my late brother, stuff no medium has ever been able to confirm, came through him. He is entertaining and genuine. A real "class act" A+++

Jennelle Evans


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I can say that Anthon is a psychic's psychic!


I chose Anthon to read for me because of his intelligence, spiritual viewpoints, depth of knowledge--and he did not disappoint; his reading was enlightening, empathic, empowering, spiritual and practical all at the same time. It was the single-most powerful reading that I have ever experienced. As a practicing reader myself, I can say that Anthon is a psychic's psychic! I feel uplifted, clear, and see a progression of self-directed events that will lead me to my goals. I highly recommend him!

Celine Fleur


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