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Clairsentience – The Gift Of Psychic Sensing

If you ever host a dinner party for a group of psychics, mediums and energy healers, and you need a good conversation piece, the psychic ability known as clairsentience is one of those topics that is sure to get the party started! Despite it being the most common 'garden-variety' psychic sense, it is also a complex concept that is sometimes misunderstood, and too often misrepresented.

The psychic gift of clairsentience is an extra-sensory ability that is probably the most common, since it is a clair sense shared by most psychics, mediums, healers and highly sensitive people. Clairsentience is often also the first psychic ability to emerge in gifted children. ​Yet, its apparent 'simplicity' must not be underestimated. Clairsentience means clear sensing or clear feeling. 'Sentience' is the ability to perceive, feel, sense or have subjective experiences, as opposed to the ability to think or reason. Clairsentience is a broad concept referring to a variety of 'sensing' or 'feeling' experiences, including intuitions, sensing other people's emotions, physical or somatic sensations, paranormal perceptions and even medical symptoms. ​For this reason you may find that the experiences reported by one clairsentient will differ greatly from that of another.

Clairsentience is a very broad and general term, and therefore not easy to define. It is used to describe a much wider range of psychic experiences compared to, for example, clairvoyance (seeing) or clairaudience (hearing). ​I like to think of clairsentience as the basis or foundation for all the other 'clair senses'. Furthermore, clairsentience is also confused with some of the other, lesser-known psychic abilities, such as claircognizance (knowing). Some simply consider it to be another term for 'empathy' or 'intuition'...which is a gross underestimation of what it means to truly be a claisentient psychic or medium. Although these psychic abilities may manifest along with the gift of clairsentience, they are not necessarily one and the same thing. To clarify what clairsentience really is, it is best to define the different types or categories of clairsentient experiences:

Prophetic / Precognitive Clairsentience

Prophetic clairsentience is closely associated with phenomena like precognition and premonition. This form of clairsentience manifests as ‘hunches’, ‘gut feelings’, presentiments, or forebodings. The clairsentient experiences a inner knowing or intuitive feeling that something is going to happen, without any apparent rational or logical reason, or any verifiable facts. What sets this extra-sensory experience apart from claircognizance, is that this ‘knowing’ is accompanied by some form of sentience, namely feelings or physical sensations. Claircognizance, in contrast, is the possession of intrinsic knowledge without an accompanying feeling or sensation. It is the ability to know something spontaneously, without any rational explanation why you know it. You simply know something, like you would know which way to turn on the hot water tap in your bathroom. A typical example of prophetic clairsentience is something most people can relate to, namely the ‘twitch’ or ‘knotted’ feeling you get at the pit of your stomach when you have a foreboding that something good or bad is going to happen. Some of my personal experiences include a feeling of being pushed forward or held back, which usually means that in the near future there will be positive movement forward in a specific situation, or that it will be delayed. I also feel physical sensations of heat or cold, which is an indication for me that something is positive or negative, good or bad, or it will indeed happen or not happen.

When I have ominous forebodings, they are often accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in my limbs, ‘chills’, nausea, or a crawling sensation up my spine - which I simply refer to as the "heebie-jeebies'! If I get the 'heebie-jeebs' about a situation or person during a psychic reading, it is never a good omen for my client. Positive premonitions are sometimes accompanied by lightheadedness or ‘goose bumps,’ and a feeling of elation or excitement. You see now why I say this is way more than just empathy or intuition!


The clairempathic phenomenon is also known as feeling clairsentience or emotional clairsentience. It refers to the ability to sense or directly experience the feelings or emotions of other people. Some clairempaths (empaths) also experience this with all living entities, including animals, and even plants. Empaths have the innate ability to sense emotional energy and feel what others feel, often by simply being near people, or being present in a ‘highly charged’ environment. For this reason many empaths avoid crowded, noisy places and emotionally toxic environments. The psychic empath has the ability to be directly and consciously in tune with someone’s emotional state, to the point of actually feeling the emotions of the other person, as if it were their own.

It involves a deep sensing or direct experiencing of another person’s emotions, without any prior knowledge of the person, their background or their circumstances. When I connect with a client during a psychic reading, I tend to know immediately how they feel or what their state of mind is. I can usually also feel what the people in their lives are feeling about them, depending on the spiritual mandate of the particular relationship. In my youth I used to be an energy sponge on legs, absorbing a lot of negativity around me. I had constant mood swings, I was overwhelmed by cruel and unkind intentions around me, and I could never understand why I felt compelled to avoid public places. Fortunately, I discovered the truth about my empathic nature, and learned ways to shield myself and stay in alignment with Source energy. ​These days I still access other’s feelings or energy, but I only allow the bare minimum to filter through - just enough for me to do my work.

Clairtangency (Psychometry)

Clairtangency is the psychic gift of ‘clear touch’. It is often also erroneously called "psychometry", which is actually the process or technique of reading or sensing the energy imprints attached to or emanating from an object, such as a piece of clothing, jewelry or a photograph. Clairtangency is therefore the psychic ability of sensing energy through touch, while psychometry is the practical method or technique that is used to apply or practice clairtangency. Psychics and mediums who work in the field of criminal investigation, for example, may use the gift of clairtangency to access the feelings, thoughts or even the physical location of the person connected to such an object. Clairtangents typically use the palms of their hands when they do psychometric readings of objects. Psychometric reading is also done on physical locations, such as reading the energy residue inside a building, or on a piece of land.

Somatic / Physical Clairsentience

Somatic clairsentience is the sensing of physical sensations or symptoms. It can be very uncomfortable and even disturbing, especially for people who do not know how to control or interpret these sensations. Somatic clairsentients experience aches, pains, discomfort, and other medically-related symptoms. This is a more rare psychic ability that is very useful in the work of psychic detectives, medical mediums and energy healers. Somatic clairsentience is often enhanced by physically touching the person (psychometry). Experienced clairsentients usually only feel these symptoms for a brief moment, long enough to take note of it and use it in their work. As a child I had many unpleasant experiences of a somatic nature, and I often felt sick or uncomfortable in the presence of people who were ill or diseased. One of my most vivid memories is an experience I had at a pantomime performance, when I was a young boy. I sat next to a girl who was about my age and she had a broken arm in a cast. I will never forget the discomfort I felt for the duration of that show, as well as the numb, aching pain I felt in my arm for days afterwards! I had no idea why I felt these things; to avoid it I consciously began to block these sensations out, which caused me to lose much of my original ability by the time I reached adulthood.

Paranormal / Mediumship Clairsentience

This is one of the more intriguing forms of clairsentience, which involves physical sensations of a paranormal or mediumship nature. These sensations are typically experienced by mediums and channelers when sensing or communicating with non-physical beings, or spiritual entities. Typical examples of paranormal clairsentient perceptions include:

  • ‘tickling’ sensations in different areas of the body, especially the face and hands

  • pressure on the crown of the head

  • ‘chills’ or ‘goose bumps’

  • sensations of being touched

  • temperature changes, or cool breezes

  • hair ‘standing on end’, especially on the back of the neck

  • emotions or physical sensations of a deceased person

  • physical trauma or blows to the body (very rare, and tends to be very disturbing or traumatic for the recipient)

Something I often experience is the sensation of pressure on the top of my head, also known as the area of the crown chakra. I experience this daily when I meditate before readings, upon entering into a state of higher consciousness , and also when I talk to other psychics or very spiritual individuals, who have a high energy vibration. I sometimes also experience pressure or ‘movement’ in the other chakra areas, especially when I do psychic readings. And when I feel a dramatic drop in temperature in the room, I usually know that the energy or ‘spirit’ of a deceased person is coming through with a message for someone. © 2010 Anthon St. Maarten


Anthon St. Maarten is an international psychic medium and destiny coach with clients in more than thirty countries spanning five continents. He is also a metaphysics teacher and podcaster, spiritual blogger and author with a special interest in new thought spirituality, metaphysics, sacred sites, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in practice since 2004 and his services are available by phone or video conferencing.

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