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Divine Living Today Guided Meditation
Chakra Activations Guided Meditation Complete Series

Chakra Activation Series


Complete guided meditation series designed to activate and balance the seven primary chakras of the energy body.


Each meditation in the collection features mindful breathing and progressive relaxation exercises, activating visualizations, and powerful affirmations, as well as customized music composed in the appropriate key for each chakra, designed to heal and calibrate the seven primary energy centers.

Voice: Anthon St. Maarten

Music: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Total duration: 21:31
Format: MP3
Number of files: 7
Total size: 241.7 MB

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Chakra Activations Series is a complete collection of guided meditation MP3s by Anthon St. Maarten designed to fully activate and balance the seven primary chakras of the energy body. Each activation in the series includes mindful breathing and progressive relaxation exercises, activating visualizations and powerful affirmations designed to heal and calibrate the seven primary energy centers. Each of the seven primary chakras correspond to the seven basic notes on the musical scale. This collection features customized music composed in the appropriate key for each chakra.

What Is Chakra Activation?

The chakras are spinning energy vortexes, which may begin to malfunction or become unbalanced due to various physical, mental, spiritual and environmental influences and life traumas. Unbalanced chakras need to be re-calibrated, similar to the wheels on a car when they become unstable and begin to wobble. Energy flow to and from the chakras can also become congested or restricted, similar to a blocked drain in the bathroom. Chakra activation and balancing is the process of re-stabilizing and restoring harmonious and efficient energy flow to the energy centers.

We are often not aware of a chakra imbalance, until the body suddenly makes us aware by presenting certain symptoms. These symptoms are the chakras' emergency 'warning system' to make us aware of an energy flow obstruction, or imbalances caused by unwanted underlying mind-body-spirit issues or difficulties. It is therefore spirit's way of demanding our attention, in order to address and correct theses hidden or latent physical, mental, emotional and /or spiritual problems for our own well-being and highest good. 

A variety of spiritual practices and holistic methodologies can be used to successfully activate and balance the chakras, including therapeutic massage, meditation, yoga, reiki, craniosacral therapy, pranic healing, breath work, aromatherapy, crystal healing, color therapy and nutrition. Guided meditation, featuring breathing exercises, mindful relaxation techniques, visualizations, affirmations and customized music composed in the appropriate key for each chakra, is one of the most popular and powerful techniques to heal and balance the chakras.

Sahasrara Crown Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Crown Chakra Activation

Crown Chakra Activation re-calibrates your spiritual gateway to the divine self, higher consciousness and the Divine Source of creation, and sets you on a renewed path towards spiritual enlightenment, cosmic wisdom and a deep sense of universal truth.  You will rediscover your mystical oneness with everyone and everything in the Universe, and become more fully connected to the greater field of consciousness. Activating this chakra enlightens us to live with gratitude, faith and unconditional love, because we grow to realize that we are an integral part of the larger scheme of life, and that everything is interconnected and guided by a Higher, Universal Power. Listen now >>

Ajna Third Eye Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Third Eye Chakra Activation

Third Eye Chakra Activation improves your mental functioning and enhances your ability to focus, concentrate and think clearly. Activating this chakra boosts your internal and external perception and deepens your metaphysical insight and spiritual wisdom. It also stimulates your imagination and creativity, and empowers you to manifest your wishes, desires and goals through the creative power of visualization. Third eye activation additionally opens up your intuitive and psychic abilities by expanding your inner vision, developing your extra-sensory awareness and improving your dream recall. The music composition is designed to stimulate your inner vision, imagination and intuitive abilities.

Listen now >>

Vishuddha Throat Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Throat Chakra Activation

Throat Chakra Activation liberates you to express yourself more freely and confidently, and brings forth your ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and non-verbally. This meditation empowers you  to seek and share the truth, to be more open, honest and authentic, and to express your needs, desires and opinions more clearly and eloquently.  Activating this chakra empowers you to find your own voice, live an authentic life and let your truth be known. It stimulates greater knowledge, understanding, awareness and analysis, and promotes our ability to creatively and authentically express ourselves through speech and other forms of communication. Listen now >>

Anahata Heart Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Heart Chakra Activation

Heart Chakra Activation reconnects you to the flow of universal love in your life and empowers you to transcend the limitations of the ego by opening your heart to compassion, kindness and unconditional love.  It empowers you to  give and receive love, and to love both yourself and others unconditionally. Balancing the heart chakra is essential to achieve wholeness, emotional healing and self-love. This meditation seeks to enhance your ability to experience joy, beauty, empathy, altruism, generosity, kindness, mutual respect, and most of all forgiveness. It corrects spiritual and emotional imbalances and enables us to be more nurturing and compassionate towards ourselves and others. Listen now >>

Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Solar Plexus Chakra Activation

Solar Plexus Chakra Activation brings forth your personal power and aims to inspire a sense of self-worth, confidence,  and courage.  Activating the solar plexus chakra empowers you to  trust your gut and make more powerful, assertive decisions in your life. Balancing the solar plexus chakra creates a balance of intellect, energetic drive, self-confidence and will-power. Through this energy center we experience a sense of purpose, motivation, self-esteem and the inner drive to strive towards the fulfillment of our goals. It is the basis for a positive, healthy self-image and connection to your spiritual path and life calling. Listen now >>

Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Sacral Chakra Activation

Sacral Chakra Activation inspires creativity and passionate living, arouses sensual pleasure, heals emotional connection, and empowers you to manifest abundance and prosperity. ​This meditation is the second in a series of seven activations for the primary chakra system. The music composition on this recording is designed to awaken and purify the sacral chakra, while engendering feelings of openness, warmth and connectedness towards others. A balanced, open second chakra makes life joyful and pleasurable and it governs our ability to initiate, nurture and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. It is also the hub of our creativity, passionate living and freedom of self-expressionListen now >>

Muladhara Root Chakra Activation Guided Meditation

Root Chakra Activation

Root Chakra Activation restores a sense of physical safety and material security, and establishes greater emotional and psychological stability, especially during times of instability and change. This guided meditation further aims to restore your trust in the world to provide in your basic physical and emotional needs. This chakra is associated with the energy of survival and with grounding in the physical plane. When there is imbalance in the base chakra we may feel anxious, insecure and disconnected from the physical world around us. This meditation is the first in a series of seven activations for the primary chakra system and establishes a solid foundation for opening the other chakras. Listen now >>


The contents of this audio recording, and its accompanying information, is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional medical or healthcare advice, therapy or treatment. This meditation is not intended for the purpose of medical diagnosis, or for the sole treatment of any health issue or medical symptom. You should always seek professional medical attention and consult with a registered, licensed healthcare provider, before adopting any form of medical advice, therapy or treatment for any mental or physical health problem. If you are experiencing a serious medical emergency, emotional crisis, or potentially life threatening health problem, you are advised to contact your local emergency services, crisis center or a support line in your area, or go to your nearest hospital emergency room for assistance. 

The Chakra System

The chakra system conducts the flow of universal life energy into and from the aura. The chakras or energy centers act as receptors, storage points and transmitters of psychic energy.

Meditation Guidelines

Meditation as a spiritual practice is essential for your spiritual development and increased alignment with the Divine Self. Discover the practical benefits of a daily meditation practice.

Guided Meditations

Learn to meditate the easy way with the Divine Living Today Guided Meditation series. Download or stream some of my guided meditations and get started today.

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