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The Truth About Psychic Vampires And Energy Thieves

Many empaths and highly sensitive people believe that certain difficult or unpleasant people they encounter in life are "psychic vampires" or "energy thieves." These psychogenic leeches or emotional parasites are believed to "drain" or "steal" the energy of their vulnerable, unsuspecting victims. In truth, this is a myth and a gross misconception that does not serve the highest good of those who choose to believe it.

Psychic vampire and energy thief stealing and draining spiritual energy

No one can "steal" your energy. I used to think this way too in the past, until I came to understand some universal truths about the matter that radically changed my perspective.

It is simply impossible for someone else to drain your energy without your involvement. To believe that this is possible implies that there is a limited source of energy that we must share and compete for. This reeks of lack consciousness and a scarcity mentality, the very things that cause so much conflict, rivalry, antagonism, struggle and suffering in the world.

The spiritual truth is that there is an unlimited source of psychic energy and spiritual abundance available to all of us, if only we allow it to flow freely into our reality experience. We all have a right to it, and there is more than enough to go around for everyone!

Our energetic well-being is ultimately not determined or bestowed upon us by others. Instead, we are responsible for our own vibrational energy. Living a fulfilling, purposeful, joyful and energetically healthy existence is entirely within our own control, should we choose it and claim it. All we need to do is tap into the infinite source of universal abundance and energetic well-being that is freely available to all of us.

Living a fulfilling, purposeful, joyful and energetically healthy existence is entirely within our own control, should we choose it and claim it.

We all come from this Universal Source. We are all manifested energy vibrations, powerful points of consciousness, bright particles of light within the Greater Light, and we will forever be expressions of the Divine Source in all its fullness and magnificence. Your energetic existence, your consciousness, is sacred and eternal. It cannot be drained, stolen or taken away from you!

But then the question is, what happens when we do have those unpleasant encounters with so-called 'energy leeches' that leave us feeling drained, depressed, or emotionally exhausted? The reality is we have all had conflicting experiences with people who others might call "energy thieves." Sometimes they leave you feeling low, sad, tired, or even depressed, and the next time they have absolutely no effect on your state of well-being. Why is that?

In these instances, you did not sacrifice or unknowingly lose any of your energy; you simply allowed negative, toxic energy to flow into your reality experience that disrupted the harmony and balance of your own energy state. They did not steal your energy; you gave away your power. You gave up control and allowed them to violate your energy equilibrium.

Any time you experience people as "draining," you need to consider the very real possibility that your own energy state or mindset was already shaky to begin with. The so-called "energy vampire" simply stepped into your barely calm energy field and tipped the scales. Their presence was simply the last straw that broke the camel's back.

It may also be wise, but difficult, to take a brutally honest look at some of the recent vibrational signals you have been sending out yourself prior to your encounter with the "thief" or "vampire." Were you possibly entertaining thoughts and feelings of anger, sadness, envy, revenge, frustration, resentment, hatred, rivalry, or self-pity? These are all heavy, dense, lower vibrations that are sure to weigh you down and open up some cracks in your overall energetic balance. Consider the possibility that you may have invited that encounter with the energy thief into your life. Like does tend to attract like.

This disruption of our energetic balance and well-being due to the presence or influence someone else is often due to a temporary lack of focus, or simply an instability in your own energy state. It is easy to find evidence of this in your daily life. It only happens to me when I have neglected my daily routine of spiritual and physical self-care, such as adequate sleep, healthy eating, exercise, meditation, affirmations, energy shielding and taking some time to relax or enjoy leisure activities.

Your energetic existence, your consciousness, is sacred and eternal. It cannot be drained, stolen or taken away from you.

This disturbed state of energy is known as psychic oversensitivity or psychic overload. You may be more susceptible to this because you are more open and sensitive to spiritual or psychic energies. If you don't take care of yourself, you are sure to feel depleted all the time. Some symptoms of psychic oversensitivity include feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, restlessness, sadness, depression, extreme sensitivity to the moods of others, and a lack of mental focus.

Fortunately, this imbalance is typically also easily corrected by immediately changing your thought pattern, emotional focus, and state of mind, followed by some grounding and breathing exercises, channeling negative energy back to its source, meditation, visualization, prayer, and so on. Once you have regained your balance and tapped into that amazingly steady stream of wellness, the next step is to get your self-care habits back on track on a more permanent basis. Prevention is always better than cure.

I used to believe that I was an "energy sponge" on my legs, "absorbing" a lot of negativity around me and having my energy "stolen" from me. I suffered from panic attacks and constant mood swings and could never understand why I felt compelled to avoid crowds and public places. When I discovered the truth about my highly empathic nature, I discovered ways to shield myself, balance my energy, and maintain my psychic equilibrium.

They are not thieves or vampires, merely energetically challenged and their presence upsets the energy balance of others wherever they go.

I sometimes still jokingly refer to myself as "the boy in the bubble," after the 1976 made-for-TV movie starring John Travolta as a boy born with a deficient immune system, leading to a life of isolation in a controlled environment to avoid exposure to germs and disease.

I also live in a "protective bubble" of psychic energy at all times. But that doesn't mean I'm a hapless, vulnerable victim. It means that I am empowered and fully in charge of who and what I allow into my energy field and tolerate in my reality experience.

The next time an 'emotional leech' or 'energy thief' crosses your path, thank them for being your guide to greater spiritual awareness, personal growth and energetic well-being. Be grateful for the valuable lessons you can learn from them, and later share your newfound sense of freedom and mastery with them. They are not thieves or vampires, merely "energetically challenged" and because they are energetically unbalanced and stifled, their presence upsets the energy balance of others wherever they go.

Sadly, the energetically challenged in our world have as much right and free access as anyone else to the unlimited supply of Universal Life Force and Divine Abundance that underlies all existence. But they are either unwilling, unaware, or simply unable to do so, typically due to one or more of the following reasons:

Spiritual Unconsciousness

Some people are spiritually unconscious, deeply skeptical, extremely atheistic, or disconnected from their inner divinity. They lack soul awareness. For these people, human existence is devoid of any transcendent meaning, and morality and values are subjective or arbitrary constructs. Focusing on life as a nihilistic struggle without meaning or purpose is energetically draining and obviously limits their connection to Source Energy.

Karmic Carelessness

Some people squander all their energy creating negative karma instead of spiritual well-being because they are morally unconscious, careless, or irresponsible. They are unaware of the consequences of their actions, or simply do not care about the karmic implications of their actions.

Buddhist teachings call this avijjā, which means "ignorance" or "lack of awareness," and it is considered one of the root causes of human suffering. In terms of Christian theology, these people essentially waste all their energy indulging in the seven deadly sins or vices: pride, envy, anger, laziness, greed, lust, and gluttony. As a result, they have little energy left to pursue true happiness, joy, fulfillment, purpose, and inner peace.

Thought Dysfunction

Chronic negativity, fear, pessimism, obsessive worry, pessimism, and catastrophizing are energetically draining ways to occupy one's mind. People who constantly engage in these types of toxic thought patterns and negative mental habits are always running low on psychic energy and thus also wreaking energetic havoc wherever they go.

Unhealed Trauma

Traumatic life experiences can have a very negative effect on a person's outlook on life and set the stage for constant energetic challenges. It takes a lot of energy to carry the heavy emotional burden of unhealed psychic wounds. It is essentially an energetic "ball and chain" that not only leaves some people without energy reserves for well-being, joy, happiness, inner peace, or love, but also makes them very burdensome to be around.

Ancestral Legacy

Some people unknowingly carry the burden of generational karma, or the energy imprints of a toxic ancestral legacy. Patterns of harmful behavior, trauma, abuse, scapegoating, or dysfunction are sometimes passed down through many generations within a family, or even entire communities and nations, ultimately affecting not only the psychological well-being, relationships, and quality of life of the heirs, but also their energetic balance. Dealing with the effects of these legacies is energetically taxing until the person develops awareness and is able to address and heal these energy issues.

Toxic Environments

The energetic environment in which a person grows up or lives can also be very detrimental to their energetic state. Upbringing, cultural background, or other social and environmental factors can contribute to a person's worldview, beliefs, and attitudes that cause them to be constantly energetically challenged. It also leads to the development of energy-disturbing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that they adopt in order to adapt and survive in their environment.

Helping the energetically challenged must always be done from a strong foundation of personal and spiritual self-care. Psychic hygiene and energetic well-being is a matter of always putting on your own oxygen mask before trying to help others who are struggling. If you are out there trying to rescue the energetically deprived without your bulletproof psychic vest, you do so at your own risk and to your own detriment. And if you do, then do not complain about them being "thieves" or "vampires."

Always remember that there are only two kinds of people who can "drain" your energy: those you love and those you fear. In both cases, it is you who let them in. They did not force their way into your aura, nor did they force their way into your reality experience. No one can make you feel different unless you allow yourself to feel different. Your energy is yours and yours alone to do with as you please, for better or for worse.

Everyone deserves to live a full and joyful life. Energy love begins at home. Surround yourself with positivity, protection and personal power. Not only will you feel good when you are aligned with the goodness of the universal energy source, but you will also be more empowered to teach and guide the "energetically challenged" by your example. In this way, we can ultimately have fewer negative souls around us and share our beautiful planet with so many more happy, positive people.

It is your divine right and spiritual duty to protect your energy field from unwanted influences. In the wise words of Mahatma Ghandi, "Do not allow anyone to walk through your mind with their dirty feet. © 2010 Anthon St. Maarten



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