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Living A Life Of Increase

To create and seek more complete expression is inherent in the human condition, because it is an innate quality we possess due to our original spiritual nature. As spiritual beings it is our mission and duty in this lifetime to create, attract, manifest, and become more. We are destined to live a life of increase.

‘Increasing’ or ‘becoming’ is what drives the expansion of the entire Conscious Universe. We are each of us a mirror reflection of the Universal Source; we are created in the image of the Divine. We are a perfect imprint of a magnificent Holographic Web of Consciousness. And because we are spiritual beings who reflect the Divine in physical form, we also possess the innate qualities of Divinity. We are self-aware and conscious; we have the capacity for reason, sentience, imagination and creative thought; we command creative freedom and the metaphysical power to manifest; and we have the capacity for complete self-actualization, individuation and transcendence. All these qualities are the expression of our inner Divinity, a direct reflection and extension of the Higher Self.

As you think, you feel. As you feel, you radiate, And All-That-Is, is affected by your offering. That is your power of influence ~ Abraham-Hicks

To live a truly awakened and abundant Divine Life, that will ultimately culminate in the achievement of your Soul Purpose and your Life Calling, you must honor these Divine qualities within. To achieve your Soul Purpose you must strive to become more conscious, continuously reaching for a higher state of being and higher level of awareness, and for unconditional love, peace and harmony. This is the process of transcendence, the process of achieving a superior state of being, or an enlightened existence, above and beyond the limits of our material experience.

To accomplish your Life Calling you must figure out who you really are and begin to differentiate that which makes you truly unique from the rest of the Conscious Universe. For while we are all made in the image of the Divine Source, and we are all reflective fragments of a Universal Hologram, we are each of us also unique in our individual make-up and in how we are meant to contribute to the expansion of our Universe.

It is vital that we identify who we are, what our unique talents and interests are, and what we can offer in service to the greater good. It is our duty to figure out what makes us special. For without the process of individuation we are of no use to our fellow man and the planet. Without individuation we fail to achieve our mission to planet Earth.

It is our mission and our duty in this lifetime to create more, attract more, manifest more, become more. It is our task to create new things, and to reshape and redesign the world as we know it for the better. It is our assignment to increase, expand and improve what is, was and ever will be. What have you done to add value to our world today? In the words of Wallace D Wattles, “You are a creative center, from which increase is given off to all.” ​ © 2013 Anthon St. Maarten


Anthon St. Maarten is an international psychic medium and destiny coach with clients in more than thirty countries spanning five continents. He is also a metaphysics teacher and podcaster, spiritual blogger and author with a special interest in new thought spirituality, metaphysics, sacred sites, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in practice since 2004 and his services are available by phone or video conferencing.

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