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How To Choose An Online Psychic Service

In less complicated times the local clairvoyant or psychic medium was often well-known in the community, and clients were mostly referred to her by word-of-mouth. You knew who you were dealing with when you visited her for a reading. But times have changed.

Today there are countless modern psychic services to choose from online. Finding a genuine psychic website that offers a reputable spiritual service can be extremely daunting. I have worked on several of these sites over the years and it is my recommendation that you look for an online service that meets the following criteria.

Carefully Selected Psychics

Go for quality not quantity. Avoid services that allow random advisors to quickly register and join their ranks freely. A reliable and truly professional psychic website will typically have a short list of available psychics that is simple and straightforward. This is usually a clear indication that they are selective about whom they hire, and that they don't just take on board each and every person who claims to be gifted.

Avoid sites where any willing individual with access to a computer can become an online psychic consultant within minutes, simply by completing a quick sign up form, uploading a photo of a crystal ball, and immediately getting to work. It is very easy to assess this. Before you spend money at the site, find their employment information or sign up section, and see what is required of psychics to join their team. Check that they have a strict hiring policy and that they do in fact screen and interview their psychics, before they are let loose on the unsuspecting public. If becoming one of their representatives is easier than getting a free email address or signing up for a social media account, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

Psychics Verified And Tested

Do you even know who you are talking to in that psychic chat room? I have known of sites where so-called psychics pretended to be male when they are actually female, or young when they are middle-aged, operated more than one persona on the same site, and so forth. Check their hiring policies and procedures. Do they verify the identities of the people working on their site? Have they been interviewed? Are their advisors actually tested for their psychic abilities, before they are allowed to go online? Especially steer clear of sites where there are countless 'psychics' who don't show their face. If a person does not want to reveal their true identity, they most probably have something to hide. Why would you want to talk to an anonymous stranger anyway, whose profile features a picture of a unicorn or a Tarot card, and let them guide you in your most intimate life decisions?

Reliable Customer Service

Ensure that the customer service department for the psychic website you select actually consists of real people; human beings who are friendly, professional, honest and available to assist you. Before you join a site, send them an email with a couple of questions. Ask them about their credentials, their refund policy and their hiring process. You will be surprised at the lack of response or support you will receive from some of these sites. Good psychic websites will also offer opportunities for customer feedback, or some kind of rating or review system. If they do, read some of their customer comments. It will give you a good idea of the kind of people who use this site and the standard of the psychic services offered. Some sites even offer additional benefits to their loyal members, like free monthly horoscopes, free psychic readings, social media groups and newsletters.

Professional And User-Friendly

Don’t get me wrong, the best psychic websites do not have to be expensive and high-tech. Some of the leading sites are often down-to-earth, minimal and unpretentious. Some psychics prefer to work on their own and not for a large online company, and their sites will often reflect this. Therefore you will sometimes find that some of the better psychics online have smaller, more affordable and less fancy websites or blogs. Do not judge a book by its cover. But if a psychic site has to use extreme window-dressing to get your attention, they probably have very little substance to offer. I suggest you avoid those migraine-inducing creations that feature flashing, colorful headlines in multiple fonts, animated capital letters and exclamation marks advertising freebies and special deals all over the place. True professionals will do there utmost to ensure that their website looks as professional and intriguing as possible, even if they have to do it themselves by more affordable means. And using a spellchecker costs nothing. Bells and whistles are not everything when it comes to service delivery, but shopping in a bargain basement that is decked out like a Christmas tree does not always guarantee quality.

Affordable Rates

Beware of psychic reading sites that charge ridiculous fees, or are so cheap that you wonder how on earth they manage to make a living? Professional psychics charge respectable fees, but they are also not trying to get rich quickly. In fact, most trustworthy, reputable psychics I personally know often have very ordinary and simple, even frugal lifestyles. I am not saying that a professional psychic should not be wealthy or prosperous, but the truth of the matter is that most of them are in fact everything but rich. I believe this may be due to the fact that they do it for the love of their work, a sincere calling, and not just for the money. © 2010 Anthon St. Maarten



Anthon St. Maarten is a psychic medium and destiny coach with a global clientele of thought leaders, business executives, celebrities, politicians, academics, and luminaries in the arts and sciences in more than thirty countries spanning five continents.

He is also a metaphysics teacher, psychic development coach, podcaster, and spiritual blogger. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in professional practice since 2004 and a liberal arts post-graduate with a major in psychology.

Anthon publishes the spiritual life design blog, The S Word, and is the author of Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny and The Sensible Psychic: A Leading-Edge Guide To True Psychic Perception.

psychic medium and destiny coach Anthon St. Maarten offers a range of professional psychic reading options, including psychic and mediumship readings, love and relationship guidance, soulmate readings, business and finance readings and annual forecasts and psychic predictions.

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