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What’s Posterity Ever Done For Me?

The prophets, the gurus, the philosophers and all of their disciples may have been on to something all along. Like it or not, it appears each and every one of us is required to become a mystic, a god in our own way.

spiritual awakening of divine inner being

And we do have that responsibility towards our fellow man. It is no longer only about ourselves. If you and I truly want to survive and have a better quality of life, we are going to have to jump on to the spiritual bandwagon. ​It is easier than you may think. To kick-start a more brilliant future we simply need to acknowledge the fact that we are more psychic than physical. Now take a deep breath and relax - nobody said anything about getting togged up in saffron robes. Neither did I suggest pagan rituals or flying to Africa to adopt an orphan.

Only you can own your inner power and unlock your spiritual potential for a brighter future. No robes, rituals, or exotic pilgrimages required.

All that is needed, is for you and me to find a way to help push the evolution of man forward and truly make the world a better place. We are the masters, the creators of our own reality. You and I are, in fact, potential gods.

If you are at this point considering burning me at the stake or at the very least making a phone call to your pastor, rest assured, it is not my intention to slate anyone’s religion. If your current belief system can assist you in making the evolutionary leap with the rest of us, please be my guest. However, if a few guilty prayers or Tarot readings every other weekend is your idea of being spiritual, we are going to have to leave you behind when the ‘rapture’ occurs.

Furthermore, if your religious convictions require or, even worse, encourage you to be biased, rigid, bigoted, authoritarian, prejudiced, dictatorial, intolerant, narrow-minded, dogmatic, blinkered or cruel, I beg you on behalf of all of humanity to kindly reconsider! A few of us may think that we prefer our modern status as absolute individuals or religious fundamentalists. Some of us may continue to believe that acquiring more material possessions, business success, political achievement, sensual satisfaction or fame is the true path to enlightenment.

​​Others trust that the day we finally meet the boy-next-door will make it all seem worthwhile. But deep-down most of us have come to realize the disturbing truth. Spirituality is a necessity, not a luxury. It provides a framework for moral and ethical guidance, a source of comfort during challenging times, and a sense of community and belonging. Many philosophical and religious traditions emphasize the importance of spiritual awareness as a pathway to fulfillment and purpose in life.

Critical Spiritual Mass

If you remain skeptical, let me ask you this. If your life thus far has been so meaningful and remarkable, why are you feeling so lost, bored and disillusioned? If having all this personal freedom is so phenomenal, why are we feeling so frustrated and jaded? If family, friends or love-for-the-weekend is all we need, then why are we so disconnected and isolated – why are we so lonely? If dogmatic religion is the only true answer, why are we still killing or starving each other to prove that my god is better than thine? And, by the way, have you had a good, solid look at the state of your tap water recently? Fact is, we need to reach a critical spiritual mass as soon as possible. It appears to be the only answer. Nothing else seems to have worked very well thus far.

Corporations and media moguls have become our false prophets. Technology and trade our false idols.

Sedated Souls & False Idols

The problem is that our innate fear of the unknown and our inability to think out-of-the-box makes us cling to the past and the familiar and the predictable. We continuously recycle old ideas and outdated commandments to solve our present day problems. Too many of us remain stuck in the age of Humanic Man. We continue to search for the answers by applying reason, exerting control, following regimens or establishing rigid rules and regulations. Many of our artists, philosophers, innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs have been swept away by the tyranny of linear thinking, the mass media and materialistic pursuit. We continue to wage wars, and in spite of everything we have suffered there are yet more rumors of wars – across borders and in our streets. Corporations and media moguls have become our false prophets. Technology and trade our false idols. Meanwhile, our imagination-deprived children are increasingly being medicated or incarcerated to sedate the soul and suppress the spirit. If you so wish, please go ahead... explain to me how all of this is working for us? Obviously, most of us feel no urgent need or desire to save the world, or for that matter, the noisy people living next door. But one thing is sure, if we are to have any chance at improving our quality of life and find ultimate peace of mind, you and I are going to have to make several significant changes to our culture and our society. Merely maintaining the status quo is just not going to cut it. © 2010 Anthon St. Maarten



Anthon St. Maarten is a psychic medium and destiny coach with a global clientele of thought leaders, business executives, celebrities, politicians, academics, and luminaries in the arts and sciences in more than thirty countries spanning five continents.

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