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The Shaman’s Schmetterling In Gottsdorf

Butterflies appear as a synchronistic sign every time I visit a sacred site, but I never expected a psychedelic paper butterfly to be one of mystical route markers upon my spiritual travels.

In a previous blog I shared the story of the sign I received from the ancient oracle during my visit to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Well, the magical presence of the butterfly totem did not end with my visit to Greece. In all of the other spiritual places I was to subsequently visit I would encounter butterflies at every sacred site, and also at other special moments of spiritual and personal significance. The butterfly phenomenon took an unexpected turn when I arrived at a country inn in Gottsdorf, outside Berlin, Germany. This was to be the venue for a four-day spiritual retreat I was attending. The event was set to take place in a cozy Yoga studio attached to the small hotel. The moment I entered this room, I noticed a small altar the seminar organizer had set up in this space. The display was charming and colorful, but that was not what drew my attention. No, what struck me instantaneously was the large, vibrant butterfly hanging on the brick wall behind the altar. Yes, indeed. I had received yet another mystical route marker along this personal odyssey into self-realization.

The sacred cycle of transformation begins by cultivating life experiences and embracing the evolving human spirit. Meaning, purpose and joy are our birthright and by dancing our sacred dream we create a richly woven tapestry of spiritual thought and action ~ Micheal Teal

This time the butterfly was not black and white, like the one who came to whisper in my ear at Delphi. Instead a brightly colored paper butterfly waved hello to me from above! It was like a psychedelic kaleidoscope reminiscent of the shapes one sometimes sees in sacred geometry art or tie-died T-shirts from the 60's.

Another butterfly sign? What was it doing up there? Was this moment the next step in my transformation; did this butterfly signal the next phase of my personal rebirth into a new era in my life? Mr. Butterfly flashed me an affirmative smile. Two days later I had the opportunity to discuss my experience at Delphi with the course facilitator. I was curious as to why he brought the butterfly along, because he was not using it any way during the seminar. But to my disappointed he revealed that he was not the one responsible for the butterfly on the wall. He found it there upon his arrival and decided to leave it up, since it made a colorful contribution to his own display of spiritual items. ​I then turned to the owner of the venue for answers. I had to know who put up that butterfly, and why? After my experience in Greece, I knew there was more to the presence of that unusual item of decor, and to discover the answers, I had to find out how it got there in the first place.

​“Aaah, der schmetterling,” the German inn-keeper sighed, “It does not belong to me either.” She then explained that just prior to our arrival, there was a shamanic workshop conducted at the same venue. The shaman who conducted the classes is originally from Peru and he was in a hurry to leave on the last day. He had asked her to keep the butterfly safe for him, and bring it with her later, when she went to Berlin for shopping.

Such a coincidence,” added the inn owner, “He contacted me just yesterday to ask how his butterfly was doing!” I just smiled at her and said, “When you speak to the shaman again, please thank him for the butterfly medicine he brought into my life.”

The butterfly featured as symbol of transformation in Aztec, Inca and Mayan culture. In Peru over 90 varieties of butterfly are found, where they are considered a symbol of transition and celebration. The enchanting Morpho didius, or Blue Morpho is the most famous in South America and considered a national symbol of Peru. ‘Morpho’ means changed or modified. This shimmering butterfly is also an epithet of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love, beauty, pleasure, and prosperity.

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