Booking Information


Readings are made available strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. Immediate full payment is required as part of the booking process. Readings are only offered if payment is received in full at the time of booking. My schedule is very demanding and full booked in advance. I can only do a limited number of readings per week. Therefore I cannot reserve time slots for clients who have not yet paid.



When you make a booking you will be automatically redirected to PayPal for secure payment. You can pay using your PayPal account or a debit or credit card I do not accept EFT, money orders, transfers, direct deposits, cash, barters or any other payment methods. 


All payments are processed via the PayPal secure payment service only but you don't need an existing PayPal account. You have the option to sign in as a PayPal guest and pay once-off with your debit or credit card.  For more information on how to pay with a debit or credit card visit this page.



The time slots displayed on the booking system are the only times available. Kindly do not book and then request alternative times that were not shown as available on the schedule. There are no 'special' or 'secret' time slots for select clients. What you see displayed, is what is available to all my clients. I also do not keep a waiting list (I seldom have cancellations anyway) and I work on a first-come-first-served basis only.

Please note the demand for readings has increased significantly in recent years and I am often fully booked at least one to two months in advance. If you are planning to schedule a session with me then be sure to book your time well in advance to avoid a long waiting times for your next appointment. 


If in a time of crisis you urgently need an appointment you are also are welcome to make use of the Emergency Reading service.



The booking system automatically calculates time zone differences for all countries. It will display the available sessions to you according to your chosen time zone, so you don't need to calculate it yourself. It's that easy!


All you need to do is ensure that you enter the appropriate time zone for your country when you start the booking process. Don't know your time zone? Try this timezone finder.




Ensure you schedule an appropriate appointment time for your location. European, Australian and South African clients please note that the times displayed on my booking system uses the 12-hour clock to define time, and not the 24-hour clock to which you may be accustomed.


Clients in countries that normally use a 24-hour system for written time are sometimes confused by this. Please be advised that 12AM denotes midnight and 12PM denotes noon (midday). Ensure that you are booking a convenient and appropriate time for yourself, unless you don't mind getting a surprise call from me after midnight!


Still confused about the 12-hour vs. 24-hour clock? Visit this page for more information.




Ensure that you enter your correct email address when you schedule an appointment. If you provide an incorrect email address, the system cannot send you a confirmation of your booking.




All clients are required to read the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions of Service before making use of this service.



Need more information or help? Visit the Help & Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section.