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Divine Living Today Guided Meditation
deep healing activation guided meditation

Deep Healing Activation


Activate a holistic process of deep healing in the mind-body. Neutralize dysfunctional psycho-biodynamic energy imprints and induce spontaneous mind-body healing reactions.


Rejuvenate your immune system and access deep inner resources of restorative power. Stabilize disordered emotional energy and eliminate the anxiety response. Restore the mind-body to its natural state of peace, harmony and perfect balance.

Voice: Anthon St. Maarten

Music: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Duration: 48:18

Format: MP3

File size: 88.4 MB 

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Deep Healing Activation Guided Meditation is designed to activate a holistic process of deep healing of the mind-body.  Unhealed wounds from past traumas, and emotional scars caused by life's challenges, often cause dysfunction, dis-ease or disorder in the physical body. This meditation aims to restore those dysfunctional psycho-biodynamic energy patterns that may be causing dis-ease in your life. It seeks to bring forth spontaneous healing reactions by releasing energy imprints caused by past hurts and trauma.  

This meditation is also designed to rejuvenate immune system function, neutralize manifestations of dis-ease, re-center disordered emotional energy, eliminate the anxiety response, and create access to deep inner resources of well-being and restorative power.  It promotes higher levels of physical and mental health, wellness, and performance, and aims to restore the mind-body to its natural, holistic state of balance, harmony and equilibrium, by stimulating the mind and body’s innate ability to heal itself from within. It seeks to restore health and vitality to the wholeness of your being, and return your mind-body to its natural state of peace, harmony and perfect balance. 

This MP3 recording features a deep guided meditation narration by psychic medium and destiny coach Anthon St. Maarten. The music composition is gentle and hypnotic to support the meditative suggestions of the script. It contains no distracting chimes, piano chords, or any other extravagant instrumentation, and also no unexpected changes in volume or tempo. The music simply features a soothing instrumental experience to induce effortless relaxation, while inspiring spontaneous healing responses. It dissolves the analytical thinking processes, while opening the mind to a peaceful, hypnotic state for subconscious suggestion. It creates the perfect atmospheric accompaniment for the breath-work and relaxation techniques, as well as the powerful affirmations, vivid guided imagery and visualizations featured in this meditation.

Trauma Imprints & Cellular Memories

Life is not always easy. We all survive difficult times; we face many challenges and setbacks.  We are also hurt, sometimes very deeply. And some of those life wounds leave painful  scars on our heart and mind, because some of these traumas are stored as dysfunctional energy imprints and cellular memories in our physical body.

​These energy imprint, or toxic physical memories, can subliminally impact how we function and feel in this world. It can destabilize our emotional well-being and disrupt our physical health.  Deep Healing Activation Guided Meditation aims to neutralize these energy imprints. It seeks to transform those wounding, traumatic experiences into strength, wisdom and  personal power. ​

​Spontaneous Self-Healing

The human body is a powerful , self-healing mechanism. It is an intelligent, self-regulating energy system that maintains it own balance and harmony, by constantly realigning with the infinite wisdom of Source Energy and the Universal Life Force that supports and sustains all life in this world. The body is designed to remain synchronized with the natural rhythm of the universe. The body is constantly rejuvenating and restoring itself. You know this to be true because your body has been healing itself in miraculous ways since the day you were born. 

Your body also speaks to you in many ways. Sometimes it is through a gut feeling, or a hunch, while at other times it is a symptom, sensation or sense of discomfort. Symptoms like pain, and emotions like anxiety, are often just the body’s way of trying to tell us something.  But we do not always pay attention to whatever our body is telling us. The body and mind knows what it needs to heal itself, but we tend to override or ignore what the body is saying. And when we do this, we interfere with the body’s natural, self-healing processes. The Deep Healing Activation Guided Meditation aims to restore this inner communication with your body by engaging you in a full body scan to trust and honor your body’s innate wisdom.


The contents of this audio recording, and its accompanying information, is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional medical or healthcare advice, therapy or treatment. This meditation is not intended for the purpose of medical diagnosis, or for the sole treatment of any health issue or medical symptom. You should always seek professional medical attention and consult with a registered, licensed healthcare provider, before adopting any form of medical advice, therapy or treatment for any mental or physical health problem. If you are experiencing a serious medical emergency, emotional crisis, or potentially life threatening health problem, you are advised to contact your local emergency services, crisis center or a support line in your area, or go to your nearest hospital emergency room for assistance. 

The Chakra System

The chakra system conducts the flow of universal life energy into and from the aura. The chakras or energy centers act as receptors, storage points and transmitters of psychic energy.

Meditation Guidelines

Meditation as a spiritual practice is essential for your spiritual development and increased alignment with the Divine Self. Discover the practical benefits of a daily meditation practice.

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